That Fate-filled day.

Finally, after six months of waiting, the big day was here. The day Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson would finally join to become one family. To become Mr and Mr Hummel-Anderson. There had of course, been some complications when arranging the wedding. 

It couldn't be at a church, of course, so after much deliberation the Newly-weds-to-be had decided that they wanted it in the quaint, picturesque little park near their home. 

The next problem had been the last names. This one had been solved easily. 

"How about Hummel hyphon Anderson?" Kurt had asked one night, and from then forth, it had been so. After their wedding both men would go by the name Hummel-Anderson. Blaine Hummel-Anderson and Kurt Hummel-Anderson. The names had a nice ring to them. 

The next was what they would wear. After some talks, it was decided that Kurt would play the part traditionally played by the Bride, and Blaine the groom. Burt would lead his son up the aisle. Kurt would wear a white tux, and Blaine a black one.

But of course, the biggest issue, was, as ever, the Anderson family. They had sent an invite, but had gotten no reply from either Marcus or Isolde. The only reply had been from Felicia, saying she would be delighted to come, but that she didn't think their mom or dad would be making an appearance. Blaine's face had fallen horribly when he saw this message. He tried to disguise it, but really, he was heartbroken. All his life he had just wanted acceptance from his parents. And they had never given it to him. He told himself that this was the last straw. That he and Kurt would have no more to do with his parents. He pretended to be happy, but he wasn't at all. And Kurt could see it. 

"Blaine... Blaine, please, don't beat yourself up about it.." Kurt murmured. It was the night before the wedding and Blaine was sat in front of the laptop, re-reading Felicia's email for the thousandth time. "Please, Love. Come to bed.. It's going to be a stressful day tomorrow.." Finally, Blaine got up and allowed his soon-to-be-husband to lead him past the rooms that were filled with snoring friends and family (The Hudson-Hummel family had arrived early that day, along with Rachel, bearing the news that her and Finn's wedding would follow shortly after Blaine and Kurt's. Several other friends, including Wes, David and their partners had also arrived. The house was full to the brim with softly snoring people.) 

Blaine climbed into bed, rolling over to face Kurt as he too climbed in. 

"I love you.." Blaine murmured. 

"And I love you, Blaine. They're doing this on purpose. Trying to split us up. But this is love, and we can weather any storm, right, hon?" Kurt murmured back. 

"Yeah. You're right. I'm sorry. I just.. I wish they could see past their ignorance and help their son be happy on the best day of his life.." Blaine smiled as Kurt pulled him into a kiss. Bodies entwined, the pair were quickly asleep. 


The next day came around all too quickly. Before either one of the happy couple knew it, their house was thrown into chaos. Make-up, hair-spray, perfume, clothes and shoes littered every surface as the guests hurried to be ready. As for the couple themselves, they were awake at five AM, watching the sun rise from their window, and hardly believing that today was the day when the strings of their fates would finally be woven together for good. 

They got ready in silence, and then sat about for three hours, until eleven, when Blaine left for the Park. Kurt gulped as the house emptied around him. Finally, the only people left were him, Burt, and his bridesmaids. Mercedes, the matron of honor, of course, and Tina, Rachel, Quinn, Santana, Brittany and Lauren as the other bridesmaids, all dressed in gorgeous floor-length white gowns. 

"No need to be afraid of out-doing the bride at this wedding!" Kurt laughed nervously. He couldn't believe it. Wedding. His. That's what this was. Christ. 

"Alright Kurt. Time to go." Burt said with a smile as two large, white rolls-royce's pulled up. The final wedding guests piled in, and began the short drive to the park. Kurt's heart was beating so hard he could have sworn it was about to leap out of his mouth. "Shhh.." Burt murmured as Kurt emitted a scared whimper. "Everything is okay. You're marrying the guy of your dreams, remember?" 

It was a beautiful june morning in New York as Kurt and the other's climbed out of the car. The girls, and Finn, Sam, Puck, Mike, Artie, Wes and David began to sing. Katy Perry's 'Teenage dream'. The Blaine version. The first song Kurt had ever heard him sing. Kurt's eyes filled with tears as the group danced and sang, announcing Kurt and Burt's slow arrival. They soon arrived at the end of the aisle, surrounded by a sea of white, silk-and-gossamer covered chairs, in which were seated dozens of guests. But Kurt did not see any of their faces. 

The only face he saw was Blaine's. His black curls, (now cut short again) tumbling just a little into those Hazel eyes, he was giving Kurt his best, crinkle-eyed smile, which Kurt loved, even though, as he had to point out, it would end up giving him Crow's feet in his later years. Kurt tried to stop his pace from speeding up as he felt all eyes turn to his. He gulped. Mr. Shue was standing at the end of the aisle with Blaine. He had Kurt had asked if the inspirational figure could possibly minister their wedding, and Will had of course, said he would be honored to. 

Finally, Burt placed Kurt's hand into Blaine's, and the pair gave each other dazzling smiles. Kurt didn't hear much of the vows. He only listened to the last part. 

"Do you, Blaine William Anderson, take Kurt Edward Hummel to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?" Mr. Shue asked, his tone deadly serious. He had obviously stayed up late for weeks memorizing his lines and getting into 'Character'. 

"I do." Blaine beamed. 

"And do you, Kurt Edward Hummel, take Blaine William Anderson to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?" Mr. Shue repeated to Kurt. 

"I do!" Kurt sobbed, tears streaming. 

"Then I pronounce you husband and husband, Mr. and Mr. Hummel-Anderson. You may now kiss the groom." Mr. Shue said, breaking into a grin. 

Blaine took Kurt's face in his hands and went up on his tip-toes, kissing him. The crowd burst into cheers. 

"Don't cry. We're together forever now!" Blaine murmured, but Kurt only cried harder, tears of happiness splashing all around. 

The End

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