Big News.

The next day... 

"Kurt? What's this announcement that the pair of you need to make?" Burt's voice came out of the computer screen where a webcam was showing a room filled to the brim with people. Carole, Burt, New Directions and Warblers alike were crammed in. 

"You're sure everyone I told you to invite is there? I don't want to have to repeat this." On the other screen was Blaine's mother, father and sister, Felicia, who was only seventeen. Blaine was stood next to Kurt, their fingers interlocked.

"Yep. They're all here, Kurt." Burt confirmed. 

"We're all here too, Blaine dear." Blaine's mother's voice blared from the slightly more faulty laptop. "Now can you both please just come out with it. I have a hairdressing appointment to attend. People cannot be allowed to see me with this many grays!" Ignoring his mother and her self-centered-ness, Blaine nudged Kurt. The signal. 

Wordlessly, Kurt held up the engagement ring that rested on the ring finger of his left hand. There were squeals from the new directions as they realized what it was. 

"Explain." Blaine's father said, his tone cold. 

"Kurt and I are to be married, father!" Blaine said with a grin. The cheers from the family in Lima were just as expected. Burt smiling and saying over and over how happy he was. Carole in tears. The New Directions and Warblers bursting into song, doing a rendition of Bruno Mars' 'Marry you'. Wes and David came right up to the camera to congratulate Blaine, their faces in wide, cheesy grins that Blaine hadn't seen for far too long. 

But the reaction from Blaine's family in Westerville was less than pleasing. His mother and father sat in silence, while only his sister grinned and told Blaine how happy she was for them both. Once the Lima lot had died down and signed off, The Andersons began talking again. 

"What exactly do you think you're doing, Blaine?" His father asked in a low voice. 

"I'm doing exactly what I've always wanted to do. I'm marrying the man of my dreams." Blaine said firmly, the smile on his face now so fake it had morphed into a grimace. 

"Do you have any idea what this is going to do to your father's and my own reputations?" His mother hissed. 

"Mom, why can't you just be happy for Blaine? He's happy, so we should be too!" Felicia interjected. 

"STAY OUT OF THIS YOU INSOLENT GIRL!" Marcus Anderson roared at his daughter. "This is none of your business! Get to your room!" 

"No. This is my business." Felicia said, determination in her eyes. "Blaine's my brother. I love him. I want him to be happy, no matter what. You can count on me to be at the wedding, Blaine, Kurt. Love you both!" She cried before leaving the room hastily. 

"Blaine, please reconsider. What is so wrong with all the lovely girls we've arranged for you to meet? I'm sure you would like one of them enough to marry! Don't do this, Blaine. You aren't a teenager any more. No more of this pretending to be gay so you can rebel against us." Isolde Anderson said, obviously trying to reason with Blaine. 

"You're right, mother, I'm not a teenager anymore. And by now you should have realized that I'm not pretending to be gay to spite you. I love Kurt. I'm not going to marry some pretty girl with a big grin and fake boobs just to help you keep up good impressions. This conversation is over, mother. I'll bid good day to you now." He said, the same determination flaring in his hazel eyes that had been in his sister's. He hung up the skype call as quickly as he could, before his parents could see the tears in his eyes. 

Throughout the whole exchange, Kurt had been stood, paralyzed beside Blaine, totally shocked at the Anderson's non-acceptance of the way their son was. Who their son was. And after, when Blaine was crying, Kurt just held him, silent, fuming with anger. 

The people who had made his fiance cry were going to pay. 

The End

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