Moving in..

It was another two months before a very cold and snowy night in december saw Kurt and Blaine moving into a beautiful house in a village on the outskirts of New York City. There had been plenty of tears that morning at the airport. From Kurt, from Blaine, from Carole, Burt and even Finn, Rachel and the rest of the New Directions crew, who showed up to sing them a goodbye song. But now they were here in their spacious, five bedroom house, the couple finally felt at home. 

All their furniture was already in, having been bought and arranged two weeks before by a very excited Kurt. Some of Kurt's clothes were already there in the Walk-in closet he and Blaine were to share. Blaine had a distinct feeling that his part of the closet was going to start small, and only get smaller as time went by, so he made sure Kurt bought a chest-of-drawers to go in their bedroom too. 

Lugging two massive suitcases and a carry on each, the pair thanked the taxi driver and stumbled inside. 

"Wow. Home feels like home already.." Blaine murmured. He wrapped an arm around Kurt's waist. 

"Did I do good?" Kurt asked, smiling. "I tried to infuse some of the Hummel home, some of your apartment, and even some of Dalton where I could." 

"You did amazing.." Blaine murmured, twisting his other arm around Kurt's waist and resting his head on the taller boy's shoulder. Not bothering to unpack, the two trooped up to bed - but not before Kurt had given Blaine a full tour of the House. It was two stories, with a loft that could be converted, Kurt informed Blaine.

It had a large back yard and a medium front one, with enough room for three cars. Downstairs was a Kitchen-Dining area, a living area, a bathroom and a little room that Kurt called 'The Library' which he had lined with shelves, filled the shelves with books and bought two plush red sofas to lounge on.

Upstairs were seven rooms. Two bathrooms, four smaller bedrooms and one king-sized bedroom. The King sized bedroom had it's own bathroom, but the other four shared a bathroom. Kurt had turned the King-sized room into his and Blaine's room, and two of the bedrooms into a study each. The other two he had left bald and empty. They were for the children he and Blaine had yet to have. Or, in the meantime, for guests. 

"I love it darling.. Can we go to bed now? I am absolutely zonked. I feel like I could drop down any moment." Blaine murmured to Kurt as he rambled on about how the two spare-rooms could be done up in the future. Kurt laughed. 

"I'll catch you if you nod off cleaning your teeth.." He grinned. The pair dragged their cases up the stairs and changed quickly into their pyjamas, and cleaned their teeth. Blaine flopped into bed, curled up in a ball and waited for Kurt. When he did not appear after five minutes, Blaine got up and searched the house until he found Kurt in the Living room, staring out of the window. From it could be seen the New York skyline. 

"We're here, Blaine.." Kurt murmured as he heard him come in. Moving to stand in front of Kurt, Blaine felt a pair of arms slide about his waist warmly. "We're half an hour away from the big apple.. I can't believe it.." 

"Want to know what I can't believe?" Blaine asked.

"What?" Kurt whispered, still awestruck. 

"That I'm really going to live here, with the man of my dreams, forever.." Blaine replied, staring into Kurt's eyes. "I couldn't care less how far away we are from the big apple. The only view I want is you." Suddenly, Blaine got caught in the moment, making a spur of the second decision.

"Wait here." He told Kurt, and rushed back to their room. He dug about in his suitcase for the ring he had found a month ago in Lima. A gold ring, set with a small, centimeter across diamond. On the outside of the ring was engraved some words in french. The jeweller had told him that it meant: 'Mine forever' in the language of love. It was perfect for Kurt. He walked slowly down the stairs, his heart suddenly beating double time. 

When he reached the living room, Kurt still stood staring at the view. 

"Kurt Hummel.." Blaine said, approaching Kurt and dropping down onto one knee. "I love you.. And I'm never going to want anyone other than you. I could be in front of the most dazzling sight in the world, and yet the only view I would want would be the one of your face. When I met you, I was so confused. I didn't know who I was, really, or who I wanted to be. You changed everything. You let me know who I was, you let me know that it didn't matter who I was going to be, as long as I was with you. And somehow, I was blessed enough that you feel the same way. Do me the honor of marrying me, Kurt Hummel?" 

After a few moments of awed silence, Kurt burst into tears of happiness. 

"Of course I will Blaine! Of course!" Blaine slid the ring onto his finger and they kissed, more passionately and more intimately than ever before. Then, the ring still on Kurt's finger, the fiance's went up to their room and slept curled around each other, content in the knowledge that the other would be their's for ever more.

The End

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