Big Decision.

The pair had been together almost four months when the topic came up.

They were sitting on the sofa -well, Blaine was lying with is head in Kurt's lap - in the Hudson-Hummel family home. They were watching Project Runway. Well, Kurt was. Blaine was watching Kurt watch Project Runway, when Kurt came out with it:

"Honey, do you think we're ever going to get a place together?" He asked, twining a curl of Blaine's now nearly chin-length hair around his finger. 

"You can move in to my flat anytime, babe. You know that." Blaine said nonchalantly. "Now, do you think I should get a haircut? Or do you dig the scruffy urchin look?" 

"Hon, I'm serious. Because, if we're serious, and I think we are, then this is a discussion we need to have! But, yes, I do think you need a haircut, asap. The "Oliver" urchin look was cute while it lasted, but I'm over it now. I want short-haired Blaine back!" 

"You really serious about this, Kurt? Where would this home be?" Blaine asked, quietly. Kurt knew that Blaine, too, was being serious now he was using 'Kurt' instead of 'Honey', 'Hon', 'Babe', 'Baby' or 'Love'. 

"Well, ideally, New York City, or a suburb of it." Kurt said, tearing his eyes away from the screen to look into Blaine's eyes. A second later, they were back on the screen: "Ugh, that frock is utterly hideous! How has Heidi Klum not said 'Auf Weidersehen' to this guy yet?" He moaned. "I would be so much better than him if I were on the show.." 

"Mm.." Blaine agreed automatically. "But seriously, Kurt, New York? Its so far from Lima.. Living there? Forever?" 

"Well, not forev-" Blaine cut him off by pressing a finger to his lips. 

"When I buy a house for with you, I want it to be the one and only house we will ever live in. I want us to get married, raise kids and grow old in it. No moving out. Well, unless it burns down. I want all our memories in one place. Not scattered over the whole of the united states."  He interjected firmly. Kurt's eyes filled with tears.

"You.. you really want to do all that with me? Get married, have kids, grow old?" He asked, tears streaming down his cheeks. 

"Unless you don't, like hell I do, Kurt. I'm never going to want anyone else more than I want you. Why don't you understand that?" He murmured, sitting up and pressing his forehead to Kurt's. 

"Of course I do!" Kurt sobbed. 

"Well that's settled then. Lets start looking for houses now!" 

The End

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