Make up, Make up, Never, Ever Break up

It took Kurt a full three days to 'think'. And then, exactly at the moment when Blaine had left three days before, 15 minutes and 35 seconds past ten am, Kurt sent him a text message:

We need to talk. Meet me at Breadsticks in half an hour. - K 

No kisses. The reply came back in seconds, and Kurt could almost see the relief on Blaine's face as he typed out:

Anything for you, babe. -B xxxxxxx 

25 minutes later, Kurt arrived at Breadsticks to wait for Blaine, and found him already seated at a booth. Blaine stood, his face cracking into a smile for the first time in days. But Kurt pointedly ignored Blaine's open arms and went to sit down. The smile fell right off Blaine's face and he let his arms drop to his sides again. He sat opposite Kurt. Suddenly he wasn't so hopeful. He and Kurt sat in silence, simply staring into each other's eyes for five minutes, until a Waiter came up and asked:

"What can I get for you, Sirs?" 

"You can get me anything you like," Kurt said flirtatiously, with a wink. The Waiter laughed a little nervously, but Blaine saw him shoot Kurt a check-out glance from the corner of his eye. "No, but really, we'll have two coffees. And we'll pay now." Kurt found a fifty dollar bill in his wallet and gave it to the Waiter. "Keep the change." He said with another wink. 

Blaine stared, mouth agape as Kurt flirted with the other man. He sat in stunned silence until the same Waiter brought over their coffees. He noticed that Kurt's had whipped cream and extra chocolate sprinkles on it. His frown deepened when Kurt said thank you to the Waiter and gave him a flirty smile. The Waiter walked off, grinning to himself. 

"Now do you see why I'm angry? Can you imagine me doing that to another man, only twenty times more intimate, and with kissing and 'fooling around' involved?" Kurt, similar to Blaine had done to him three days ago, put air quotes around Blaine's words. Then he fixed Blaine with a smoldering glare and waiting for him to answer. Blaine's mouth worked like a fish for a good minute before he finally found words.

"God, Kurt." He murmured. "I... I am really, really, a thousand times really, sorry. That was.." He gulped. "Torture. I wanted someone to shoot me in the head." Kurt allowed himself a small smile of victory. 

"And now you'll never do it again." Kurt said, moving around the table to sit next to Blaine. Putting his hand on Blaine's cheek, he kissed him, their foreheads touching. 

"Does this mean I'm forgiven?" Blaine murmured into Kurt's lips. 

"Oh shut up and kiss me!" Kurt said with a chuckle. "I missed you.. It was only three days, but I missed you.." Wrapping his arm tighter around Kurt's waist Blaine murmured:

"You can't have missed me more than I missed you.." Kurt just smiled and kissed him harder. 

"Make up, make up, never, ever break up?" Blaine asked childishly as Kurt finally drew away. Kurt grinned and held up a crooked pinky. The two linked pinkies and shook on it, kissing again. 

With that, they left without even taking a sip of their coffee. The Waiter came back fifteen minutes later to find the pair long gone and the gas dissipating from the whipped cream. He frowned, seeing a little note underneath the coffee cup. Something was written in gorgeous italic writing. It read:

It was never meant to be. Sorry! 

The End

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