Kurt could see Blaine, but he was sure Blaine couldn't see him. He was engrossed in kissing... Kissing another man. The identity of the man was not certain. His hair flicked from blonde to red to black to brown every few seconds. His skin flipped just as quickly. Freckled, to pale, to tan, to dark. All Kurt knew was that there was a hell of a lot of it on show. And there was a lot of Blaine on show too... 

Kurt woke, sitting up with a gasp. Checking his clock, he sunk back into a lying position. 3 AM. He sighed. Next to him, Blaine stirred. Kurt had made him stay when he had decided it had gotten too late for him to catch a bus back, especially with three bags full of steal-able stuff. 

"Kurt..? Kurt...? Wassu-" Blaine's question ended with a cavernous yawn. In any other situation, Kurt would have smiled. But not in this one. 

"Nothing. Go back to sleep." He murmured, pushing a bleary-eyed Blaine back into a lying position. 

"Not nothing.." Blaine mumbled into his pillow. "You.. You're real flustered.." 

"It was just a dream, Blaine. You need your sleep. You probably have severe jet-lag." Kurt said a little snappily. 

"What 'bout?" Blaine wanted to know. 

"Can we talk about this in the morning?" Kurt asked. 

"Mmmkay.." Blaine whispered and turned over, curling up on his side and falling back to sleep in a matter of seconds. Kurt wished it were that easy for him. Turning on his side too, he curled around Blaine's smaller form, so their bodies made a sort of lopsided comma. He lay awake for two hours before sleep finally engulfed him.


Kurt had really hoped Blaine would not remember their late-night conversation. But, alas, he had no such luck. As soon as they were both awake the next morning, Blaine asked:

"So what was the dream you had about?" 

"It really was nothing." Kurt protested. He did not want to have this conversation.

"Come on. You and I both know it wasn't 'nothing'" Blaine made air-quotes around the word nothing. "How long did it take you to get back to sleep?"

"Not long.." Kurt mumbled. Blaine just looked at him. "Two hours.." He admitted. 

"Oh, Kurt.. What was it that got you so worked up? Come on. Be truthful. I want this relationship to have no lies. Totally honest." Blaine said, sitting up. Kurt sat too, leaning his head on Blaine's shoulder. 

"It... It was.. you.." Kurt murmured into his neck. 

"Me?" Blaine grinned. "And that was a nightmare?" 

"You weren't alone. You were.. getting intimate.. with another guy.." Kurt replied, his voice incredibly small. 

"Oh, Kurt.." Blaine said, stroking Kurt's hair. "I'd never cheat on you!" 

"But.. But what about before? When you were in Cali, single and lonely?" Kurt knew he'd hit the nail on the head from the way Blaine tensed. He sat fully, looking into those mesmerizing hazel eyes. How could another guy not fall for Blaine? "Did you.. get romantically involved with any other guys?" 

"Kurt.. I was really drunk every time, and-" Blaine said quietly, looking down. 

"Every time?" Kurt asked, his eyes flashing. "It happened more than once?" 

"As I said, I was always really drunk, never with the same guys, we just kissed a couple times.. I was really lonely... We weren't together! You can't get mad!" Blaine's tone was suddenly scared, and he was flinching away. 

"Kissing is as far as you got?" He demanded to know. 



"There was this one guy.. He was pretty into me.. We kinda.. Started fooling around.." Blaine tailed off. 

"You didn't..? You didn't give him your...? Tell me you didn't lose it with him?" Kurt spluttered. 

"No! No, I came back to my senses before that.." Blaine said quickly. "Kurt? Kurt? You aren't mad, are you? Please Kurt.. I can't go through this again.. Don't do a Rachel Berry.." 

"Can you just go? I need to think." Kurt snapped. Blaine's eyes filled with tears, but he began dressing, and walked out. 

"I'll call a cab. Don't think for too long, Kurt.. Every minute I'm not with you is like a bone snapping somewhere inside me.." And with that, he picked up his massive bags, slung his man-bag over one shoulder and walked down the stairs and out of the front door. 

He just really hoped he wasn't walking out of Kurt's life... 

The End

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