*Kurt's P.O.V* 

As he waited for his bag, Kurt thought he saw a flash of black curls and pale skin, just like Blaine. But by the time he looked around, the figure was just the retreating back of a head. A head that had Blaine's curls. 

No. He wasn't going through this again. As if the last four years hadn't been enough. His heart still twinged when he thought of Blaine, his ex. He still could not quite believe that Blaine had dumped him. 

"It's what's best for both of us." He had said. How? How was having a broken heart what was best for Kurt? No matter how much he loved the course he was taking in Fashion Design, he was always drifting off into daydreams about Blaine. Whenever they designed menswear, his drawings always looked like Blaine. Short, a little stocky, but muscular. Mop of black curls. Enchanting hazel eyes. Kurt frowned as he watched his first bag slide toward him. Then, shortly after came two more bags. Kurt pulled the two non-wheeled bags onto a trolley and walked off, steering the trolley with one hand and dragging the third case with the other. As he walked through the gate, he saw his dad, Burt, and... And.. The Blaine lookalike again. 

"It isn't Blaine.." He muttered under his breath. "It isn't." 

"Kurt!" Burt yelled, rushing forward to embrace his son. Kurt hugged him back, holding in the tears of joy by closing his eyes.. He didn't see what happened next. 


*Blaine's P.O.V* 

"Kurt!" Someone yelled. It was Burt he had seen. And it was Kurt.. Blaine's mouth went slack and he stopped, staring as Kurt hugged his father, eyes shut. When he re-opened them, drawing away, he found Blaine's gaze locked with his own. 

"B-Blaine?" Kurt said, his voice low, eyes wide. 

"Kurt?" Blaine replied. The pair stared at each other for what seemed like a century before, no signal needed, both dropped everything and advanced toward the other. Their arms locked around the other, their lips meeting in the middle. Blaine kissed Kurt passionately, not caring in the slightest  if people were looking. That was their problem, not his. "Oh Kurt.." Blaine murmured. "I missed you so, so much.." 

"You can't have missed me more than I missed you.." Kurt murmured back, kissing him harder. 

"Uh.. Guys? Can you have your little reunion kiss somewhere else? People are staring.." Burt said, shifting uncomfortably. Blaine pulled slowly away, grinning. 

"Of course. We have all the time in the world. We're together again now, and nothing can tear us apart." 

The End

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