Klaine - Six years on...

Yes, thats right, another Klaine story, yes, I am obsessed with them. Got a problem with that? :P


*Blaine's P.O.V*

Blaine sighed and slumped a little further down into his seat. He was flying back into Lima, Ohio, today after four years studying in California. He loved Cali, and would have loved to live there some day, except for one thing. Kurt. His ex-boyfriend of four years. Blaine remembered they day they had been forced to break up. It had been terrible, knowing that Kurt would be studying in New York, on the other side of the Country, more than half a dozen states away.

"Kurt.. Kurt I can't do this.."  Blaine had murmured, stepping back, as Kurt moved in to kiss him on the day before they were both due to leave for college. 

"What's wrong Blainey?" Kurt had asked, his tone still sweet and innocent. 

"I can't.. I can't be with you if you're on the other side of the country... I can't. It would tear me apart, Kurt." Blaine said, refusing to meet Kurt's blue-eyed gaze. He knew those indescribable eyes would be filling with tears. And in truth, Blaine's own eyes had been full of tears. 

"Blaine.. Blaine, look at me.." Kurt sobbed. "Blaine, you don't want to do this. We can talk over the phone every night, call, text, email... We can see each other every holiday.. Spend the whole of summer together.." 

"No, Kurt.. We can't. We both know all that would be far to expensive.. This is what's best for both of us, Kurt. I don't like it any more than you do, but it's what's best." He had said firmly, trying not to let his voice crack. "Bye, Kurt. See you in four years." 

"I'll never say goodbye to you!" Kurt called as Blaine walked away. "Remember that?? Remember that, Blaine?" By this time, Blaine had dissolved into tears. He stopped, and looked round, tears filling his eyes, streaming down his cheeks. 

"You have to, Kurt. You don't have a choice in the matter." He said, trying to make his tone cold and unfeeling. Then he had walked away as fast as he could, and not looked back. 

Blaine had spent the next four years of his life suffering from horrible heartbreak he had brought on himself. No matter how many times he told himself that he was going to get over Kurt, he was going to find someone else, he never did. Because every time he looked for guys, he was really looking for Kurt. This one's eyes were almost the same color. This one's hair was the same chestnut brown. This one had the same lips. This one was built the same. This one was the same height. He had longed to text Kurt, call him, email him, do anything that involved contacting him, but he knew this would only make his heartbreak worse. So he contented himself with going through old pictures of them together, old texts that they had written to each other, the love letters they had shared. 

Blaine felt a small tear slide down his cheek. 

"Ar-Are you OK, Sir?" The male Steward asked, rushing over to where Blaine was seated, right next to the aisle. He had Kurt's eyes. Blaine bit his lip.

"Nothing, really." He said, wiping away the tear. The Steward moved off, eying Blaine strangely. Trying to distract himself, Blaine pulled the latest issue of Vogue out of his Mulberry man-bag (A present from Kurt) and began to leaf through it. After a few minutes, he began to attract stares. Before, he had seemed like a normal, straight man. Now he was a weird gay guy who cried on plane journeys and read Vogue. Luckily, there was only half an hour of the flight left, and it passed mercifully quickly for Blaine. 

After the nearly four-hour flight he was a little unsteady on his feet as he went to collect his bags. He had two massive holdalls containing his clothes, books and other things. Neither were wheeled. Thanking god for the invention of trolleys, Blaine grabbed one and headed to the right conveyor-belt. As he walked passed the others, he saw someone who looked like Kurt in the corner of his eye. Ignore it, Blaine, he thought to himself. It isn't Kurt. Get over it.  

But after he had collected his bags and walked out, he saw a man who looked a hell of a lot like Kurt's dad, Burt, waiting by the arrivals entrance. 

It couldn't have been Kurt, could it? 

The End

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