Blaine - It all started with a song.

*Blaine's p.o.v* 

It all started that day, on my way to the Warbler's performance. I was stopped by a boy in clothes that no-where near resembled the Dalton uniform. But still, he claimed to be new, so I answered his questions. He was kinda cute, (Ok, maybe more than kinda..)  with brown hair, full lips and amazingly blue eyes. So I made a spur of the moment decision. He didn't know me. I didn't know him. He couldn't judge me. So i did it. 

"Come on! I know a shortcut!" I said, and grabbed his hand, leading him through the corridors. The boy, who had told me his name was Kurt, followed me willingly, and stared after me when I went to perform. And somehow, as I sang, I felt my eyes being drawn back to his. Over and over, our gazes met. What was this strange feeling I felt inside when he stared at me with those beautiful eyes? I suddenly felt as if I were singing the song to him.. And looking back, I realize I was. So I invited him for coffee. 

"Can I ask you a question?" He asked after we had assured him we were not going to beat him up. "Are you guys.. all gay?" My heart did a somersault. Only gay guy would ask it so delicately. Only a gay guy would spend that much time on his hair, and have that nice clothes, I realized. I laughed nervously along with Wes and David. 

"No, uh, I mean, I am, but these two have girlfriends." I said, trying to keep my tone casual. I saw his eyes widen, and fill with tears as David explained the school's zero-tolerance bullying policy. "Would you guys excuse us?" I found myself asking. Wes and David left, understanding the situation. "I'm guessing you're having trouble at school.."

"I'm.. the only one.. out of the closet.. at my school.." Kurt had explained, looking nervous. My heart did another somersault. He told me all about how he was being harassed, and in turn I opened up to him about my own history with homophobic bullying. 

"I would tell you to come enroll here, but tuition fees at Dalton are kinda steep, so I know thats not an option for everyone.." I said, trying not to show how much I really wanted him to say no, I can enroll here. When can I start? But I found myself telling him to be brave. Stand up to this bully. I wanted him to do the thing I had been too much of a coward to do myself. I wanted him not to make the mistakes I did.. I wanted to protect him, lend him my strength. So I gave him my number before we bade goodbye. I hoped he would text me so, so much. I needed someone like him. Someone to put before myself. 

And I could do that for this boy. I loved him. I had known him five seconds, but I loved him. Maybe, just maybe, love at first sight was real.. 

The End

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