Back to Ohio

“Kurt? You.. You’re serious? You really want to uproot the family?” Blaine asked, sitting up. He had been reading a book in bed, but it now lay discarded. A pair of thick rimmed square glasses sat on the end of his nose. Kurt thought he looked adorable when he was wearing his glasses.

“Of course I am!” Kurt said, moving to kneel opposite Blaine on the bed. “I just…”

“You miss everyone, don’t you?” Blaine asked with a small smile. “I knew from the look in your eyes today. You feel like you’re missing out on all the action, that everyone’s lives are going on without you.”

“I.. How…” Kurt sighed. “Yes. Yes, that’s exactly how I feel. Of course you could tell.. Gosh, you can just read me like a book, can’t you…”

“I should hope so, after all the time we’ve been together..” Blaine murmured, pulling Kurt into a chaste kiss. “But seriously, Kurt.. What about our jobs? What aboutCanaryKurt? It just kicked off! What about the twins? Anna and Bella aren’t going to move to Ohio for us..”

“I’ve thought this all through Blaine. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about moving to Ohio.” Kurt said calmly. “Canarycan open a new branch in Columbus. Its always been the plan to take it National, and this can be the first step. I can run things from our house. Sure, I’ll have to make business trips every so often, but I’ll only be away for a day or so. I can do all my designing at home, I can promote my executive manager in New York to Manager – The girl has an eye for fashion. I trust her with the shop. – And I can start setting up in Columbus. Sure, it’ll take a month or so of hard work, but it’ll be worth it in the end. And as for you…”

“Yes, what about me? What am I going to do while you’re off living your fashion dreams?” Blaine smiled, just a hint of sarcasm colouring his tone.

“Well, Will is giving up teaching in favour of taking his Broadway dreams up for real this time. He’s writing a musical about his life, ala April Rhodes. His life from high school teacher nobody, to landing roles on Broadway, and his struggle to do what’s best for the greater good. Rachel’s already got a part in it guaranteed.. Its going to be played in theatres in Columbus. Anyway, it means that Mckinley is looking for a new Choir director. I was thinking, since you love singing that you..” Kurt trailed off, examining Blaine’s ecstatic expression.

 “I’d love to! When are the interviews starting?” Blaine grinned.

“In winter break. I’ve kinda maybe already booked the plane tickets. If you said no it was just going to be a holiday, seeing the family at Christmas time and stuff.. But since you said yes, you can go to the interviews, I can look for a building in Columbus, and best of all, we can look for a house!” Kurt squealed, throwing his arms about his husband’s neck. “Can you pinch me? Am I dreaming? Are we really doing this?” Blaine leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss.

“Still think you’re dreaming?” He whispered when he pulled away.

“Uh-uh.” Kurt murmured, sounding adorably childish. Blaine kissed him one last time, grinning into the kiss. The Hummel-Andersons were moving back to Lima!


The very next weekend saw the two men in the Red House Realtors in Lima OH. Each man had a baby on his hip, and their free hands were intertwined, they walked up to the counter, where a pretty blonde was sitting, flicking through a magazine with expensive looking dresses in it.

“Quinn.” Kurt smiled. His high school friend smiled hugely at him, standing.

 “Kurt! Blaine! And little River and Noah!” She reached out to pinch both of the twins’ cheeks in turn. “What are you guys doing here?”

“We’re on vacation.” Blaine said. Quinn’s face fell a little. “But, we’re looking for a house. Any tips?” Quinn gave a high-pitched squeal and ran around the counter, pulling Kurt into a hug.

“Oh, you guys, this is great! I have the perfect house for you! It’s just been built, in the McKinley high school district, and it’s only a block away from where your dad lives, Kurt! Finn and Rachel are only three blocks away! Sam and I are two! Mercedes and Anthony-“ She seemed to stop herself, grinning. “You get the point. This is amazing! Come with me, I’ll drive you there. You guys are going to love the place.”

“Alright. But Quinn?” Kurt said quickly.

“Yeah?” She said, turning.

“You can’t tell anyone. This is a secret until we’re here for definite. You cannot tell a soul. Not even Sam. You promise?”

“Ah, surprising everyone are you?” Quinn smiled. “Sure. I’ll keep it under wraps.” She winked, and Blaine grinned.

“Oh, and Quinn?” He said. She looked at him. “Loving the red blazer.” She just laughed, and led the way out of the shop.


Two months later the pair arrived in Lima, OH, this time for good. Blaine had landed the spot of Mckinley Choir director, and Kurt had already set up the Canary store in Columbus. The last thing left to do was actually move in. They had driven all the way from New York to Lima, in a horrendous, three daylong road trip. It didn’t help that they both had to be in different cars. Blaine in the massive removals van, Kurt in his Navigator. Kurt took the twins; Blaine took the house, as well as a very excitable, slobbery Nelson. Let’s just say it had been averylong few days for the two boys.

When they finally arrived, late afternoon in Lima, it took them another good few hours to get everything out of the van and the navigator, and even then, the house was a total tip. Boxes and boxes sat on every inch of floor space, along with hundreds of garment bags containing Kurt’s precious wardrobe.

The house was large, larger than their one in New York, and yet they had still managed to fill it to the brim with boxes. There were three floors, including the basement. In the basement would be Kurt and Blaine’s studies, and all the books that had once belonged in the reading room, all in shelves that lined the hallway down there. On the first floor were a spacious living room, kitchen, dining room, a bathroom and another small-ish room, which would become a playroom for the twins. Upstairs were another bathroom, a master bedroom for Kurt and Blaine and a bedroom each for the twins, as well as somehow finding the space for a guest room cum sewing room for Kurt.

The main bits of furniture, like the couches, the beds and the dining room table were all in place, but it was all the little things that needed to be given places. Toys, framed photos, paintings, mirrors (Kurt made sure there was at least one in each room – he needed to be able to check his hair at all times) and various other items, such as Nelson’s basket. (Not that he ever used it, except for lying in after a tiring walk or cleaning his muddy feet on)

Kurt gave a huge sigh. It was gone nine o clock, and the twins were asleep in their cribs, surrounded by boxes. Their rooms would have to be unpacked in the morning. But the rest of the house was far too messy for Kurt to be able to sleep soundly.

“Blaine! You’re unpacking the kitchen. I took care to put labels on all the drawers and cabinets, and the fridge layout is the same as in New York. I’ll be in the family room if you need me.” Kurt yelled.

“So glad you trust me!” Blaine called back with a laugh. He stuck his head around the door, seeing Kurt knelt in front of a box that seemed to be filled with individually bubble-wrapped photo frames. He snuck up behind the other man, sliding his arms about his waist and pressing a soft, wet kiss to his husband’s neck.

“AHHH!” Kurt yelled, leaping up and dragging Blaine up with him. Blaine chuckled. Kurt gave an exasperated sigh. “Don’t do that. Go unpack the kitchen.”

 “Yes master..” Blaine said, dropping his hands and looking at the floor with a smirk.

“Oh do shut up you.” Kurt fought to keep back a smile as he smacked Blaine’s arm and watched the curly haired tenor trudge slowly into the kitchen. It had only been a few minutes when Blaine began to sing. He always sang when he was bored, or when there was a tedious job to be done. The song selection this time was “I see the light” from the Disney movieTangled.Kurt grinned. Trust his husband to know all the words to song that was in a kid’s movie, which came out when he was seventeen. Blaine would be awesome with educating the twins in the magic that was the Disney classics, and in Kurt’s mind, that was something that needed to be done.

By the time eleven ‘o’ clock came around, the whole of the bottom floor and the basement was unpacked. The house was decent, as long as no one went upstairs. Kurt let out a sigh of relief, and sagged against the hallway wall. When Blaine came back from walking Nelson, (the dog had been practically bouncing off the walls, so Blaine had offered to take him out for a walk at about twenty to eleven.) he found his husband slumped on the floor, sleeping peacefully, emitting tiny baby snores. Blaine’s heart squeezed with love, and he knelt beside him.

“Kurt… Kurt honey, wake up. You can’t sleep on the floor, love.” He murmured.

“Huhn? Blaine?” Kurt gave a cavernous yawn. “Where am I?”

“You’re in Lima, Ohio. In our new house.” Blaine grinned as he hoisted Kurt up, moving one of his husband’s arms to rest around his own neck, and twining one of his own arms about Kurt’s waist.

“Oh yeah.. The Hummel-Andersons are back in Ohio, baby..” Kurt cried happily, and Blaine just laughed.

“Indeed they are. Now get some sleep. We’ll be seeing your family and stuff tomorrow. It’s going to be a hectic day.” The pair changed into pyjamas and crawled into bed, Nelson with them, of course. Blaine smiled as he took the big spoon position for the first time in a while, pressing his chest against Kurt’s warm back.

He couldn’t deny it. Being back in Ohio, it felt good. It felt like home.

“We’re home at last, Kurt…” He whispered. 

The End

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