Little Chatterboxes

"When do you think the twins will start talking? I mean, they're 13 months old, and not a word has left their mouths!" Kurt exclaimed one night after he and Blaine had put the two little terrors to bed. The pair often babbled loudly, seemingly keeping up a conversation with each other, but neither had used any real words yet. Blaine was all for letting them learn on their own, but Kurt sat for hours with the twins, pointing at himself and saying: "Daddy. Can you say daddy?" sometimes he would receive more nonsensical babbling in reply, normally along the lines of: "dadadadababababa" but most of the time he would be ignored as the twins played with one of their many toys. 

"I don't know babe. But they can't stay quiet forever, can they?" Blaine reasoned, walking into the bedroom to retrieve his book. As he entered the room, he heard the high, pealing voice of his daughter through the baby monitor: 

"Gagagaga.. Boobaho.." She murmured. "Ba. Ba. Da.. Da.. Dada! Da..Daddy.." 

Blaine took a sharp intake of breath. 

"Kurt! Kurt! Come here! Come here!" He called. Seconds later, his husband skidded into the room. 

"What? What's the emergency?" He cried, practically sprinting to Blaine's side. 

"Shh. No emergency. Just listen." Kurt quietened, and suddenly, tears sprang to his eyes as he heard his daughter's voice.

"Daddy. Daddy. Daddy.." She murmured. "Daddy!" She said louder. 

Kurt rushed from the room and scooped his daughter into his arms. 

"Hello, my gorgeous girl. Did you want your daddy?" He murmured as she snuggled into his chest. 

"Daddy.. daddy.." She whispered, and Kurt's heart squeezed. 

"Daddy loves River too." He murmured, kissing the top of her head. "Night-night time for River, 'kay?" 

"Da-ddy.."  River mumbled, rubbing her eyes and yawning. 

In the other room, Blaine could be heard talking softly to Noah. 

"Hey, baby boy.. You sleepy? Awww, come to Papa.." Noah made a little noise of contentment as he was pulled into his father's arms. 

"Pa.. papa.." He mumbled sleepily. Blaine gave a little squeak of surprise. All this worry about the twins not talking, and here they were, both speaking their first words within five minutes of each other. But what did he expect? The twins did everything together. 


Soon, Kurt and Blaine could hardly remember a time when their devilish duo didn't talk. Now, it seemed like they would never shut up. Forever talking. Kurt decided his least favourite word in the whole world was 'no'. When the twins learned what it meant, every question was answered with it. "Do you want some apple?" "No." "Are you tired?" "No." "Do you want to have a bath?" "No-oo!" It was infuriating. Kurt ended up using double-negatives to get them to do anything, but thankfully, after a week of constant nos, the pair got bored. They were quickly beginning to formulate sentence, and sentences led to conversations. And then, of course, conversations turned into arguments. 

"No! My bear!" River would whine. Blaine would enter the room to find Noah trying to prize a teddy bear from River's arms, much to her displeasure. 

"No, my bear!" He would insist. Blaine would be forced to get another bear for Noah, just to break up the argument. 

Though they had their disputes, talking only brought the twins closer. Their loving parents would often be roused in the early hours of the morning by the twins having loud conversations from their cribs, and the morning of their second birthday was no exception. 

"RIVER!" Noah yelled. 

"NOAH!" River called back. 

"Noah awake, River!" Noah announced. 

"River 'wake too!" River replied. Kurt rubbed his eyes with the heel of his hand, scrunching up his face as he yawned. He glanced at the clock and then smacked the palm of his hand against his forehead. 6:15. He groaned, rousing Blaine. 

"Mornin' gorgeous.." He smiled. "Was' up?" 

"I can't believe I was worried about the twins not talking. They are absolute chatterboxes now!" He let out another little groan. Blaine just laughed and sat up, moving to straddle Kurt's lap.

"When they're teenagers and are hardly ever home, you'll think back to these days with fondness. Gosh, I can't believe they're two years old today!" He murmured, grabbing a fistful of Kurt's t-shirt and pulling him close.  "You make the most adorable babies, Mr. Hummel-Anderson..." He murmured, pressing a kiss on his husband's lips. Kurt smiled into the kiss.

"Don't I know it.." He grinned when Blaine pulled away. Blaine grinned back, pulling him in for another kiss.


Seven hours later, the Hummel-Anderson house had been overrun by New Directions once more. It seemed as though the twin's birthday was going to be a yearly re-union for the group of friends.

Everyone from last year was there, along with some new additions. Brittany and Artie's baby had been born, the most angelic, beautiful little girl you had ever seen, named Angelica. Valentine had been given an early third birthday present just a month earlier - A baby brother. Named Christopher Burt Hudson, after two of his grandfathers. Lauren and Puck had a little boy too, Maxwell "Max" Puckerman, and ofcourse, Liana Cohen-Chang and Seth Fabray-Evans were there too.

As well as new children, there were two more new additions to the New Direction family. Mercedes had gotten hitched earlier that year, to one Anthony Rashad, the very same guy Kurt had tried to set her up with back in Junior year. They had, funnily enough, met at a school reunion. Not only that, but Santana and her long-term girlfriend, Renee, had recently gotten engaged. Their wedding would mean all of the New Directions were happily settled down. It seemed like it had been decades since they had all been in High school. 

In truth, it had been eight short years, and ten years since they all met in sophomore year. A decade of New Directions. 

Kurt looked around adoringly. Whilst he loved his amazing husband and their little family, he knew the one place he would always feel most at home was with these people. Nearly all of the New Directions had chosen to stay in Ohio. Some lived out of Lima, but the main part of them still lived within driving distance. Kurt found that he missed his friends just as much as he missed his parents, especially since Mercedes had moved back to Ohio to be closer to Anthony's parents. His fashion business had really kicked off, and he was now the owner of a gorgeous little boutique in New York city called: "Canary". 

That was how, later that night, he ended up asking a question that would change his family's life forever:

"Blaine? Can we move back to Lima?" 

The End

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