One year olds.

"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear.." The pair sang in unison.

"River!" Kurt sang. 

"Noah!" Blaine sang. 

"Happy birthday to you!" They finished, grinning. The two sleepy one-year-olds rubbed their eyes and held out their chubby arms to be lifted. Smiling, Blaine detangled Kurt's arms from about his torso, and scooped Noah into his arms. He swore the boy looked more like him every day, with his wild mop of curls. But what Blaine loved the most about his son was his eyes. Gorgeous, blue-green-grey Kurt eyes. They made him want to melt. His son was perfect. 

Kurt scooped River up from her cot, stroking her thin brown hair. It hung almost to her chin, and was wavy, like his own. Snuggling his little girl closer to him, he stroked her soft golden Blaine skin. She fluttered her eyelashes, and looked at Kurt with those amazing puppy dog eyes that Blaine did when he wanted something from Kurt. Kurt smiled. He couldn't even try to resist that hazel gaze. 


A few hours later, a now fully dressed Kurt and Blaine held the birthday boy and girl as the guests for their party arrived. River wore an adorable pink dress, and Noah a pair of adorable denim jeans with a green t-shirt. Both wore massive, gap-toothed grins.

 First through the door was Felicia, also wearing a massive grin, showing off her new shorter haircut. Much to Kurt and Blaine’s surprise, she brought with her a tall blonde guy, who she introduced as “Derek”. From the way their hands were linked, it was clear to the pair what was going onthere.The moment she saw her son and daughter, Felicia’s grin widened impossibly, so the corners of her mouth were practically tickling her ear lobes. Reaching out her free hand, she gave Blaine a longing look. He gave a small chuckle and handed her Noah. She ruffled his curls and snuggled him close. The resemblance was alarming between them, and it warmed Blaine’s heart to see her so happy. There had been a short while after the twin’s birth where she had been on rocky ground, but now, it seemed, she was over all of that, and on to better, brighter times.

Next through the door was the whole Hud-mel entourage. Burt, Carole, Finn, Rachel and an almost-two-year-old Valentine. She held one of her Daddy’s hands, and one of her Mommy’s, and stared at the two tall strangers with wide, chocolate brown eyes.

Next, the New Directions filtered in, in twos and threes. Ever since Finn and Rachel’s wedding, the Hummel-Andersons had attended several weddings. Tina and Mike’s, Brittany and Artie’s, Sam and Quinn’s, Puck and Lauren’s. The only members of the New Directions who were un-married were Santana and Mercedes, and both had long-term partners. So far, there were six New Direction kids. Valentine, Noah and River, of course, and then Tina and Mike’s baby girl, Liana and Sam and Quinn’s little boy, Seth. Brittany was pregnant, and Puck and Lauren were reportedly trying for one. Next came Wes and David, both with their wives. Finally, the last to arrive were the Schuester family. Will, Emma and their three kids, Charlie, Sophia and Harley.

At last, everyone was there, and the party could begin. Presents were given, and Kurt’s impeccably clean floors were immediately scattered with torn wrapping paper, tape and bits of toy packaging. The twins were two of the most spoilt children in the whole of the United States. They had every single toy they had ever even thought about asking for. Kurt and Blaine just couldn’t help themselves. They couldn’t stop themselves from giving their gorgeous babies everything they wanted.

After the pile of presents had reached almost waist-height, and the floor was ankle deep with wrapping paper, the party moved outside for the meal. The twins clothes were soon smeared with food; butter, cake, chocolate… But neither they nor their parents seemed to notice, let alone care. Everyone was having the time of their lives.

Kurt and Blaine were sitting back-to-back, Blaine laughing and catching up with David and Wes, Kurt grinning as the New Direction girls regaled him with the drama stories of their lives. In another corner, the New Direction boys and Lauren were all catching up too, talking, as per usual, about football and other sports. In the little pen that had been set up, Valentine, Noah, River, Seth, Liana and the Schuester bunch played together happily. On the back deck, Carole, Burt, Will and Emma smiled and chatted as they surveyed their extended family. Because that’s what this was. A family. They weren’t just a group of friends, they were family. Together through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad.

They all loved each other, no matter what. 

The End

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