Before either of the young men knew what was happening, it was nearing  their second wedding anniversary, and the twins were six months old. They were more and more noisy by the day, and had begun to crawl and explore not long ago. Soon, they were delving into drawers, pulling things out and putting them back in, and creating an almighty mess. All though the parents found the mess a little irritating, it was so fun to watch the pair, burbling quietly to themselves as they went about making mess. Sometimes, Blaine would put on a high pitched squeak and voice the twins as they wreaked their havoc, making Kurt laugh, and the twins look over puzzled. 

Anna and Bella were stars. They looked after the twins whenever needed, which was especially needed for the four day span that included the couple's anniversary. They were going on holiday. To the island they had come to think of as theirs. So early on the eve of their anniversary, Anna and Bella arrived, and told Kurt and Blaine to go, they would look after the twins fine while they were away. And though the parents were sad to leave their babies, they were also incredibly relieved to be spending a few days without having to worry, or listen to crying, or change a dirty diaper. 

They sat on the plane, first class as always, and relaxed. There were no screaming babies, no work, no worries. Before long, they were on their island, and night was falling all around them. The pair fell into bed, exhausted. They had both been up at six that morning. 

The next morning, Kurt was awoken by his husband kissing him on the lips. 

"Good morning, Mr. Hummel-Anderson.. Happy anniversary. I can hardly believe it's been two years since you became mine forever.." Blaine murmured, using his old nickname for Kurt from when they had been newly-weds. 

"Happy Anniversary.." Kurt murmured sleepily. "I love you.." Blaine smiled, and kissed him again. 

"As I love you." He murmured, kissing Kurt's cheek. Then his jaw. Then his collarbone, moving slowly downwards. 

"Blaine..." Kurt whispered. "Don't you want the present I bought for you?" Blaine sat up, eyes locked on Kurt's.

"Present? WHERE?" He asked, looking like a little kid. 

"Say there, my child, and I will have it for you in moments." Kurt said, sounding older than he was. 

"Hey! I'm not a kid!" Blaine laughed, sounding exactly that. Sure enough, a few moments later, Kurt swept into the room, carrying a rectangular parcel. He handed it to Blaine, who ripped it open. It was a large, leather-bound book. Blaine opened it. Inside, there was a column of text in Kurt's italic script.

To my beautiful Husband, Blaine. 

It is our second anniversary, well, it will be when I give this to you. The few years have been incredibly eventful, and I want us to remember this time for the rest of our lives. So, I have gathered together a book of memories. Just like the one of our teenage years. I hope you'll like it! 

I love you now, forever and always, 

Kurt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"How many x's do I need?" Blaine laughed. Then he turned the page, and gave a tiny gasp when he saw the picture of himself and Kurt, kissing, on the very day they had been reunited. Carole or Burt must have snapped it at some point during the night. Next was a picture of the couple in their new house, grinning like fools at the camera, a shiny new ring resting on Kurt's finger. Then, Blaine fought back tears as he saw half a dozen beautiful shots of their wedding. It had been such a perfect day.. Then there were pictures of them on the honeymoon.. Kurt covered in flour.. Nelson as a tiny puppy.. Kurt and Blaine at Finn and Rachel's wedding, posing with the newly weds, Blaine holding Valentine, Kurt standing close behind him, hand on his shoulder. A picture diary of Felicia's pregnancy, then a picture of the two newborns. And then came pictures of Anna and Bella, each holding a twin, pictures of the twins first smiles.. Crawls... and then a picture of the happy family, Nelson sat their feet, all grinning. 

Blaine sighed, and pulled Kurt close, kissing him fiercely. 

"God, I love you..." He murmured. "We've been through a lot.. and there were somethings I wasn't sure about.. But the whole time, the one thing thats kept me anchored.. The one thing that stops me from going over the edge.. You. I love you forever, and that I am totally certain of." 

"I love you too, Blaine. More than my own life.." And they kissed, bodies intertwining the way they had two years ago on this very island. 

Their lives were perfect. 

The End

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