Twin nannies for twin trouble-makers..

And so, that weekend, after putting ads up all over the neighborhood, Kurt and Blaine sat through atleast two dozen interviews, each of the girls (and two guys) had held one of the kids, practiced changing them, bathing, feeding, but the twins did not take to any of them. They would scream and scream and scream until they were handed hastily back to one of their daddies. 

"Well, it looks like that was the last applicant..." Blaine sighed. It was five'o'clock on sunday night, and it looked like Kurt would be spending another week alone with the twins. Which was a major dilemma, since he was meant to be presenting his spring collection to urban outfitters on wednesday in the city.. 

"Maybe we can call one of them and tell them they're hired for a one week trial period?" Kurt said, echoing Blaine's sigh. 

"I don't-" Blaine started, when he was interrupted by the doorbell. "Wait, was that the door?" Kurt got up, holding Noah, and answered the door. Blaine, holding River, followed. On the doorstep stood two beautiful, identical blonde girls. Kurt was just standing and staring, his mouth working like a goldfish in the way it always did when he was stunned. 

"Hi! I'm Blaine Hummel-Anderson, and this is my husband, Kurt. Who might you two lovely ladies be?" Blaine asked, turning on the charm. Both women gave identical grins, and one said:

"I'm Arrabella, or Bella, and this is my twin sister, Anastasia, or Anna. We've come about the job application? We heard it was twin babies, and we, as twins, hate being separated, so it was the perfect job for us!" She grinned. 

"Well, do come in.." Blaine said, pushing Kurt gently aside. "Don't mind him, he might be gay but he's a sucker for hot babes," Blaine laughed, and the two girls laughed with him, laughing even more when Kurt went crimson and stamped on Blaine's foot. 

"Are these the lovely little babies?" Anna, or was it Bella, asked once they were seated in the living room. Much to the couple's surprise, Nelson, who usually backed away from strangers, growling, was seated on the sofa between the two girls, looking totally content. 

"Yep. I'm holding Noah, and Blaine is holding River." Kurt, who had finally found his voice, told them. 

"Awe.. A boy and a girl.. I'm Anna, by the way," Anna said, smiling as she saw Kurt and Blaine trying to figure out which twin was which. "How about I wear my hair up all the time, and Bella wears hers down all the time, so you guys can tell us apart?" 

"That sounds great." Blaine smiled as Anna produced a length of ribbon and tied her hair up with it. "So, why should we hire you?"  

"Well, because there are two of us, and there are two babies, for one." Bella said. 

"And we have four younger siblings, and a dad who went A.W.O.L when we were five, leaving us with a drunken mother and a new sibling for every year of our lives so far. We raised those kids practically by ourselves." Anna explained, her expression turning serious. 

"Oh wow.." Blaine murmured. "That sounds tough.." 

"It was. Our step-dad used to beat one of us at a time so he could tell us apart from the color of our bruises.." Bella frowned. 

"Oh my god.." Kurt murmured, tears shining in his eyes. 

"Lets get off that subject. How would you like to hold a baby each, and go through some of the routine tasks that would need to be done everyday. First up, diaper changing." He handed River to Anna, and Kurt handed Noah to Bella. Both twins gave a squeak of protest when passed into the strangers arms, but each girl handled it smoothly, rocking the babies gently and cooing to them. Kurt and Blaine looked at each other, smiling. 

"Where are the diapers?" Anna asked. 

"We don't need to see anymore. You're hired. Both of you." Blaine smiled. "You obviously have experience, Nelson, our dog, loves you, and you seem to have gained the trust of the twins.. You certainly have our trust. When can you start?" 

"Tomorrow. We'll start tomorrow." The girls said in unison, grinning. "Thank you so much, Misters Hummel-Anderson." They said, before handing back the babies and leaving. 

Once they were gone, and the twins were in their cribs, Kurt flopped onto the sofa. 

"Thank god for that. I thought I was going to have to take two babies to my meetings.." He murmured. Blaine just laughed, and wound his arms about his husband's waist.

"Now that that's over.. How about some.. fun?" He murmured. Kurt grinned, scooped the smaller man into his arms and carried him up the stairs.  

The End

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