We need a Nanny.

It was Blaine's first day back at work. The twins were just two weeks old, and Kurt had been dreading the moment he was alone in the house with them. Blaine promised he would  feed and change them both before leaving, but then Kurt had ten hours of time alone with the two loudest babies on the planet. He groaned and rolled over, hearing the front door close as Blaine left for work. Tip-toeing to the pink room first, he found River lying peacefully, looking at a picture book Blaine had propped open for her. Gentle music played in the background, filtering through both nurseries. Kurt sighed happily. Blaine was so good with them both.. He found Noah in a similar position, but clutching a teddy, and trying, unsuccessfully, to roll onto his stomach. 

He scooped up Noah, and held him tenderly on one arm, picking up River and balancing her on the other arm, a technique Blaine had helped him perfect. Then, holding both babies carefully, he carried them downstairs, and set them in their highchairs while he ate two slices of toast with peanut-butter. They both sat, relatively quiet, in their highchairs, kicking their legs and cooing in baby-talk to each other. Smiling, Kurt carried them back upstairs and set them in an automated rocker each while he went to have a shower. Whilst he got dressed, the house was in almost silence, except for the occasional clatter of claws or bark, huff or growl from Nelson. But nothing from the twins. Then, just as he settled at his desk to get on with some work, it started. 

First one small whimper. Then an echoing cry. Then, suddenly, wailing. He got up and found the screamer in her room. In the other room, Noah slept peacefully. He rocked River in his arms, burped her, changed her, and then proceeded to warm up a bottle for her, all the while rocking her and singing to her softly. Just as the timer went off, one of the Warbler's songs came on the speakers, Blaine singing the lead. It was 'Hey, Soul Sister' from the recording of their sectionals performance back when Kurt was at Dalton. Immediately, River quieted. 

"Awe, you wanted your papa, huh?" Kurt cooed, falling totally in love with his husband all over again. But there was one thing he had to get straight with Blaine, and he said it as soon as his lover walked in the door. 

"We need a Nanny." 

The End

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