Sleepless nights..

It was late. Really late. Almost one in the morning. And yet neither Kurt nor Blaine was asleep. Both were cradling a tiny baby, and trying, unsuccessfully to get it to stop crying. Blaine's eyes were hooded, and Kurt kept stifling yawns. But both knew they would not sleep until these babies were already sleeping. 

They had made the first mistake of multiple-child parenthood: Never put two newborn babies in the same room together for the night. 


They had been sleeping soundly, in the age old position; Kurt wrapped around Blaine, and Blaine wrapped around Nelson, when a tiny whimper came from the baby monitor. Then another. Then full blown wailing. A second later the volume doubled when one baby woke the other. Both dads groaned and sat up, causing Nelson's head to shoot up and him to bark once, questioning. 

"Hush, boy." Kurt muttered. "Its the babies." As if he understood every word, Nelson dropped his head and curled on his side, doggy snores emitting seconds later from his half-open jaws. "If you wake up and don't wanna smile, if it takes just a little while.." Kurt sang under his breath as he walked out of the room.  Blaine gave a tiny smile, and sang: 

"Open your eyes and look at the day, you'll see things in a different way! Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow, don't stop, it'll soon be here, it'll be, better than before, yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone.." Kurt looked back, smiling. 

"I know my dad sure wishes I was still a baby.. We should cherish their baby years. They'll be grown up and moving out in no time.." He sighed as he opened the door to one of the new nurseries and loud screaming issued from it. Then he walked in and scooped up Noah, and Blaine took River. 

"Hey, hush now little baby, don't say a word, dada's gonna buy you a mockingbird, and if that mocking bird don't sing, dada's gonna buy you a diamond ring, and if that diamond ring don't shine, dada's gonna buy you... a case of wine?" Blaine cut off his singing with a small laugh. He was no-good at lullabies. 


And that brought them back to the present. Both rocking a screaming baby, trying desperately to get to sleep. Suddenly, the noise quieted some, and Kurt sighed, laying a suddenly-sleepy-again Noah into his crib. 

"I'll move River's crib into the pink room.." He murmured to Blaine, and began dragging it across the floor. The two spare-rooms in the Hummel-Anderson house had been painted. Baby Blue for Noah's future room, Baby Pink for River's. The cribs were white, wooden, and so light even Kurt could haul them around. River was still wailing when Blaine carried her through the door that attached the two rooms to each other. 

"Go to bed.." He told Kurt. "I'll stay with her until she sleeps." 

"No.. Hon... Go get some sleep.." Kurt murmured. "I'll get her off.." 

"NO. I'm on paternity leave tomorrow, there's no such thing as paternity leave in the Fashion world. Go. to. Bed. Kurt." Blaine insisted, and so Kurt went to bed and curled around Nelson like he did when Blaine had gone to work. It was odd not having light peering around the curtains, trying to wake him from his peaceful slumber. 

In the other room, Blaine was setting up the spare baby monitor, a frown on his face. River was still crying in her crib. He felt like crying, he was so exhausted. He could barely make out the words on the instruction manual. Finally, successful, he slumped by the crib, one hand through the bars, his finger stroking River's soft cheek. 


When Kurt awoke at eight the next morning, he found Blaine still absent from the bed. Getting up, he wandered to the pink room, where he found River lying peaceful, her eyes open and staring at the ceiling, one fist clutched around her papa's first finger. (Kurt and Blaine had agreed Kurt would be Daddy or Dad, Blaine would be papa or pa.) Blaine was sound asleep, his face pressed against the bars, his eyes screwed shut, mouth hanging open. His body was sprawled across the floor. Scooping up his daughter, Kurt nudged Blaine with a bare foot. 

"WAAH!" Blaine yelled, jumping up. "I didn't fall asleep! I didn't!" He murmured. Seeing Kurt, and the placid River in his arms, he let out a sigh of relief and sunk back to the floor. Kurt sniggered. "What?" 

"You have bar marks on your face, sleepy-head.." He laughed, and the pair swore River laughed too. 


The End

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