Riah - Meet River and Noah.

People arrived at the hospital room in a slow trickle. Burt, Carole, Rachel, Finn + Valentine,Isolde, Marcus.. Only they were allowed in the room with the screaming Felicia and the crying Kurt. 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." He sobbed over and over. Blaine just held one of each of their hands in each of his, a sad smile on his face. 


"You're doing great, honey. Push! Push!" The midwife said, loudly. Felicia yelled in pain, and suddenly, Noah Marley Hummel-Anderson was in the world. His umbilical cord was cut by a trembling Blaine, then he was weighed, washed and wrapped in a blanket. Blaine held the boy, who definitely had the black curls of the Andersons, in his arms, tears welling in his eyes. Fifteen minutes later, River Isabella Hummel-Anderson arrived, and had all the same things done for her by Kurt as Blaine had done for Noah. 

While Noah had only wispy black curls, River had a head full of straight brown Kurt-locks. Noah was Kurt-pale, but River was Felicia/Blaine golden. Both babies had the bright blue eyes of newborns, and lungs fit for opera. 

The whole of the New Directions was in the waiting room, including a very disheveled Will Schuester, balancing a little ginger toddler on his hip. They gave quiet cheers and yay's as the new parents walked into the room, and a crowd gathered around each parent, murmuring things like:

"He looks like you, Blaine!" 

"Awe, she got your hair!" 

"Blaine's lungs alright," and

"She's got your nose Kurt. Unlucky." That one was from Santana, and earned her Kurt's best "B*tch, please" stare. The pair were hard pressed to get home for the night, which was were Felicia insisted the twins belong. So they drove home, the twins looking tiny in their toddler-sized car seats, and then carried them into the house. They were greeted by a patter of paws, and then Nelson ran up, barking and, head-butted Blaine's knees. The pair knelt, and let the one-year-old dog meet his new brother and sister. He sniffed them, then gave them the acceptance snort, before trotting off, bored again. 

"Welcome home, River and Noah- hey, Riah! Welcome home, Riah" Blaine grinned. 

The End

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