It was 8 months and 3 weeks into Felicia's pregnancy. So close was that arrival date, that neither Kurt nor Blaine wanted to let the poor, rounded-stomached girl out of their sights for more than a second. The last almost nine months had been hectic, but it was december now, and they were all totally ready for this birth. 


It was the twenty-week scan. Felicia's belly was beginning to be really rounded, but she was glowing with happiness and pregnant beauty. They had fertilized and implanted the embryo artificially, since actual intercourse was not desirable to either Kurt or Felicia. Mainly because of the awkwardness, and also because of the elephant in the room, Blaine. Kurt was sure he would not be at all happy with natural conception. 

Both Kurt and Blaine clutched one of Felicia’s hands as the doctor ran the scanner over Felicia’s tummy.

“There we go!” The doctor smiled. “One little baby! Want to know the gen- Wait. What’s this? Oh my, you’re having twins!” He grinned at the stunned faces behind him as a second baby came into view. “That’s why you’re so big for your time! A little baby boy, and a little baby girl. One of each!”

“No kidding?” Felicia was the first to speak.

“No kidding.” The doctor chuckled.

“Blaine, you guys are getting twins! Twins, Blaine, Kurt! TWINS!” Felicia cried happily. She was on one of her pregnancy highs.

“Yeah, ‘Licia. Shh now. Blaine and I want to look at our babies some more..” Kurt whispered, reaching his other hand out to hold Blaine’s as the doctor showed them the genitals on each of the babies. Sure enough. One boy, one girl. He gasped, and tears of pure joy ran down his cheeks. He loved his babies already.


“What about names?” Had been the question earlier that very day at the 39-week scan. For the whole pregnancy, he and Blaine had been mulling over names and procrastinating, not wanting to make the big decisions just yet. But Kurt was putting his foot down now. Names were going to be decided. Whether Blaine liked it or not.

“I like Noah for a boy..” Felicia had said absently as they drove home. She was rubbing her belly, feeling the baby kick and squirm.

“Noah…” Kurt murmured as they pulled up to the house. “Noah. Noah Hummel-Anderson. I like it. Blaine?” He called as Blaine entered the house from parking the car.

“Yeah?” Blaine called back.

“Get yo’ ass into the library, we have to discuss names!” Kurt yelled, grinning and walking to the library, where Blaine was already seated. “So how about Noah Marley Hummel-Anderson?”

“Marley?” Blaine cocked his head a little.

“I tried to combine Marcus and Carole.. It was the closest I could get. What do you think?” Kurt asked shyly.

“I think, Mr. Hummel-Anderson, that we have one down, one to go!” Blaine grinned and kissed his husband.

“What about for the girl?” Kurt wondered aloud.

“I really love the name River. Or Rivers for a boy. But this is a little girl, so River Isabella Hummel-Anderson?” Blaine asked, looking Kurt straight in the eye. God, how he hoped his little girl would get her Father’s eyes.

“Its perfect. Noah Marley and River Isabella Hummel-Anderson.” Kurt grinned and they kissed again, happily.

Suddenly, the bliss was interrupted by a cry from the hallway, and Felicia staggered in, clutching her belly, Nelson whining agitatedly by her side. There was a large wet stain on her out-size jeans, the legs of which were ridiculously baggy.

“ The twins were so glad you’ve decided on the names for them, they’ve decided to make their appearance now. My waters just broke!” She cried out in pain, and her mouth opened in a soundless scream.

Adrenaline pumped into the veins of both Kurt and Blaine. This was happening now, and they were more than ready for it.


The End

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