Klaine - Being Daddies...

*One day after the events of 'Baby Hudson'* 

The next evening, Kurt, Blaine, Burt, Carole, Finn, Rachel and a sleepy, pink, content Valentine sat in the living room of the Hudson-Hummel family home in Lima, OH. 

"You guys are totally sure you want a kid?" Burt asked for the millionth time. 

"Yes, Dad, totally sure." Kurt replied for the millionth time. Blaine squeezed Kurt's hand for the millionth time, and Kurt gave him that same tight smile for the millionth time. 

"Good. Because you have to be sure before you dive in the deep end." Carole said gently, touching Kurt's shoulder, then Blaine's, then Finn's, then Rachel's. 

"Well, its too late for us, isn't it?" Finn grinned. "Valentine's here, and theres no way of getting her back into Rachel's-" 

"FINN!" Rachel yelled, causing Valentine to squeak and start awake, beginning the first sobs of what was bound to be a major screaming session. "Oh, lord, now look what you made me do!" She rocked Valentine gently until the baby's sobs died down. Finn just sat, his arm still around Rachel's shoulders, through the whole thing. He knew Rachel was still a little hormonal, and the mood swings would wear off very soon, but after nine months of 'em, he was sick and tired of taking abuse from his little wife. 

"You bring it on yourself, Finn," Kurt said matter-of-fact-ly. There were murmurs of assent from all around the room. 

"Hey!" Finn cried, looking hurt. 

"They don't mean it, dear," Carole said. "You just.. say the wrong thing at the wrong time sometimes.." 

"Psh, sometimes?" Burt laughed. "Kidding, son," He grinned at Finn's death-stare. "Anyhow, back to the matter at hand: Kurt and Blaine's baby." Blaine shivered. Their baby. Baby Hummel-Anderson. To be born in approximately nine months. Next to him, Kurt felt his husband shiver, and grinned widely at him. 

"Yes, our baby. What about it?" Kurt questioned. 

"Well, what do you want to do? Adopt? Surrogate mother? What?" Burt asked. Kurt and Blaine looked at each other. They had already talked this through. 


It was five in the morning, and after the eventful day, neither Kurt nor Blaine could sleep. Neither could stop thinking about their un-conceived, unborn child. 

"I know." Blaine had finally said. "Well send an email out to everyone, asking for good adoption agencies or surrogate mother services." And so they did exactly that, sending it to everyone on their contacts. There were no replies for at least an hour - well, what did they expect, people were sleeping at this hour - and then, up popped: 

One new email message. From: felicia.anderson@gmail.com 

Blaine's mouth dropped open as he read the email. 

"Kurt! Come look at this!"  Blaine whispered. Kurt got up and came over, his mouth, too, dropping open as he read the email. It said: 

Kurt, Blaine. It is I, Felicia, Blaine, your sister, Kurt, your sister-in-law. And I want to talk to you, at this ungodly hour, about surrogacy. 

See, I want to go to Art College, but Mom and Dad don't approve. So, I decided that, seeing as they promised to pay for your baby, whatever message you happen to choose.. That, well, if I had your kid, they would have to pay me through art college! And also, since I'm like your twin, Blaine, (Kurt, people always used to ask if we were identical twins when we were little. I had short hair, was short, so did Blaine, despite the fact he was nine and I was three. I was tall for three, Blaine was short for nine.) the baby will look like a mix of you and Kurt. (He can be the father.) Consider it, you guys. Don't turn me down because I'm your sister, and I'm eighteen, and the fact that I should be thinking about college. I am on a gap year, and I can take another if needs be. 

Think about it, please. I'm begging you. This is the only way I can have my dreams come true at the same as you guys get yours come true. 

Felicia xxxxxxxxx

After staring at the email for ten minutes, Blaine said: 

"Lets do it. She's right. Our dreams, and hers, coming true at the same time. We're going to have this baby, Kurt." They hugged, and kissed. 


"So there we have it. Lets call Felicia now." Carole smiled as Blaine finished explained. 

"Felicia?" Blaine had her on the phone in seconds. 

"Blaine? Have you read my email? Wait, silly me, of course you have, you're practically glued to that thing. Have you thought my offer through?" Felicia's voice sounded through it. Grinning, Kurt replied: 

"We have. Us and my parents, along with Finn, Rachel and their newborn, Valentine. I believe you met Finn and Rachel at the wedding?" He grinned at Felicia's awwe's. 

"You won't be awe-ing once you've gone through morning sickness, back pain, stretch marks and the worst of the worst, labor." Rachel interjected. 

"You can't put me off, Rachel. This is my dream. And its Blaine's, and Kurt's too. They won't give up on theirs, I won't give up on mine." Felicia said firmly. "So, whats the verdict?"

"Felicia... Kurt and I... Would be touched, and would love you forever if you did this for us. You could see your baby whenever, and you can stay with us in New York for the duration of your pregnancy. Have you told mom and dad?" Blaine said, his voice low and fervent. 

"YESSSSS! I am going to Art College! Told you, Mom, Dad. Blaine wants this kid. And I want Art College. And Blaine to be happy, of course." Felicia screamed. 

"Mom? Dad? Are you there?" Blaine asked. 

"I'm putting it on loudspeaker." Felicia announced. 

"Mr. and Mrs. Anderson?" Kurt tried. "You're okay with this, right?" 

"I suppose we don't have a choice." Came Isolde's voice. Felicia gave another victory-cry. 

"I'll be there with my bags in an hour, guys!" Felicia said, and hung up. 

Blaine and Kurt kissed again. 

"We're really having this baby!" Blaine grinned, and Kurt cheered, along with all the others, waking Valentine and sending her into screams. But no-one cared. The happiness in the moment was too great. 

The End

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