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Fiona has never had anyone to connect with. Nothing ever seems to go right for her, and she's always finding herself in trouble. It's not long until she meets a troubled young man with a broken heart. Will the two of them find that connection? What if they end up falling in love? Has Fiona finally found the right person?

The sun was shining brightly that morning with a light spring breeze. It chilled the air all around and made it hoodie weather. Mom dropped me off at community college as I clung to a notebook in my arms. Today was my first day as a college freshman, and I happened to be very nervous.

I looked all about, seeing students mingling, reading and looking at schedules. I had already gotten mine in the mail to avoid the super long line. I stared at it as I figured out what my first class would be. I began walking without paying attention to where I was actually going. I ended up bumping into another girl as I fell to the cement ground.

"Watch were you're going, you clumsy freak!" she scoffed angrily. "Wait. I've never seen you around here before. Are you perhaps fresh meat?" she grinned at me as I got back on my feet.

I figured fresh meat was another word for being a freshman. I backed away from the girl as she came closer. I noticed there were two other girls behind her that followed behind. I gulped with fear as they continued to approach. I felt them grab hold of me as I screamed loudly from their sudden touches on me.

The three girls approached a large dumpster and threw me inside. I peered out as if to ask them what I did wrong. Here I was, an innocent bystander being bullied by these three, and I didn't think it was very fair. They all started laughing while walking away and just leaving me here.

I couldn't believe I had made enemies already. I climbed out of the dumpster after grabbing my notebook. I had to get to my next class before the halls became crowded. I often found it hard to ask anyone for help too, especially after what just happened.

It didn't take me long to find a teacher and ask them. I was led to try next class after thanking her and going inside. My first class went over the rules and what to expect for the semester.

I found it rather tedious and boring. You would think we'd be aware of the rules since we've heard them our whole lives. I let out a sigh as the teacher gave us an emergency contact card to be filled out. I didn't even know these still existed, at least not in community college. I stuffed it in my bag before the bell rang, ending class.

I hurried to my next class when I spotted a young man. It looked as if he had just gotten over a massive panic attack. I stopped and crouched in front of him with a frown. He blushed as he wiped away his tears with a sniffle.

"What?" he scowled and continued to pout at me.

"A-Are you o-o-okay?" I asked while choking on my words.

"Do I look fine to you?" he said as more tears streamed down. "I just missed my first class because I could find where it was," he sighed with a little more panic in his voice.

"Oh, but at least you know where it is now," I told him with a light nod. "There isn't anything you missed in your class, trust me!" I replied as he wiped his tears.

"Thanks for trying, but we'll be late for our next classes if we don't hurry fast," he said as he got back on his feet and ran for his next period now.

I did the same and finally got to my second class without being late. I noticed that same boy sitting in the back of the room. I took a seat beside him as he glanced at me then smiled some.

"We got off on the wrong foot a bit ago," he said with a nod. "My name is Takeshi," he told me as he continued to smile.

"I-I'm F-F-Fiona," I replied while forcing out my words.

"Then it's nice to meet you, Fiona!" he chuckled happily at me.

I couldn't believe I had finally met a new friend. Maybe this day wouldn't be so bad after all. I had no idea I would get involved with this guy. I just hoped he would be okay after his sudden panic attack he just had.

I went through until lunch with teachers going over rules and everything. I was glad to get a little break from all of it too. I noticed Takeshi waving me over to his table when I smiled and took my seat beside him. I saw another boy sitting next to him who was playing with his phone.

"Ryoto, put down your damn phone..." he laughed at his friend. "I want you to meet the girl I told you about not long ago," he nodded as Ryoto sighed and put down his phone. "This is my best friend Ryoto. Ryoto, this is my new friend Fiona," he chuckled happily.

"Good for you," he said rather flatly as he went back to playing with his cellphone again.

"Eh, don't worry about him..." Takeshi sighed while shaking his head. "I do hope we'll be good friends," he laughed again when I nodded at him. "You're always welcome to sit with us lunch too if you would like," he smiled softly.

"Th-Thank you," I said with a shy voice.

It wasn't long until the three girls from earlier showed up. I saw them staring down at me like dead meat. I had to glance away from them before their glares overwhelmed me. I noticed Takeshi scowling at them out of sheer anger.

"Amber, what the hell do you want?" he asked her with his arms crossed.

"I want to know why you are hanging out with fresh meat today," she glanced at him. "I told you they are nothing but trouble," she scoffed as he stuck his tongue out at her. "Oh, how childish of you, Takeshi! As if your tongue will solve your problems," she laughed and finally walked away.

"Don't let her bother you," he said while lightly patting my back now. "Amber is nothing but a show off, and a bitch. She'll do anything to get in my pants," he sighed and blushed a little.

Takeshi and I continued talking while getting to know the other. Soon enough, the bell rang to end our lunch period for the day. It was back to listening to boring rules and semester topics all over again. Boy, did I want this day to finally get over.


The End

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