Sun looked at the sky. Snow was still falling.

Angel had certainly set her a challenge.

She walked through the unfamiliar, urban landscape.

She ended up in a alleyway.

Thats it, Alley cats! She thought.

A noise from the bins startled her. A ginger cat crawled out of the bin, hissing. It had a spiked collar and amber eyes.

Sun realised how young this cat was. She ruffled her fur and hissed back.

"I mean you no harm! I'm sorry i tresspassed!" Sun realised she was too late.

The cat unsheathed its claws and pounced.

Sun dodged with grace, she'd been in more fights than she'd had bowls of food!

The cat landed with a thud on the ground. "....How do i know i can trust you?" It asked.

Sun bowed, putting her marking in the spotlight coming from a window. There weren't many cats who didn't know about the agency and its commanders.

The cat made a shocked expression."Gosh, your Commander Sun!" It mewed.

Sun raised her head. "Pleased to meet you. Who might i be in the presence of?"

"My names Quin, nice to meet you." Quin tilted his head. "What do you need?"

Sun prepared herself, and told her story. Quin opened his eyes wide.

"Gosh, you mean you want me to join the agency?"

The End

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