Angel looked over to Dawn. "Dawn?"

Dawn was scraping her paws on the gazebo. "Im afraid not Commander see....i'm terrfied of action and adventure...." She began.

"No, Its fine. Angel? What about you?"

Angel looked at the cat. She was quite a young cat. She had a unuasal sun marking on her forehead.

Angel made up her mind. "I...i'd love to! But first of all, you must gather the other seven. Come and see me when you've found them!" She meowed happily.

Sun looked at the tortoiseshell, her expression a mix of confusion and understanding. ".....I accept. I will be here in a dawn."

Angel watched as Sun left. Suddenly Angel felt a feeling of emptyness.

Dawn was leaping up. "! Angel, you are going to become a real agency cat! WOOP!"

Angel could almost imagine Dawn holding flags with her face on and cheering. "Um...i can't wait!"

The two cats huddled together as more snow fluttered down. The park was empty of humans. Angel looked around the familiar landscape. There was the gazebo in the middle of the park, and around it was a fence with rocks and plants inside. At the far left there was a childrens playground. At the far right there was a hotdog stand. The familiar bench inwich a man named Will would play his guitar was now empty.

Angel felt Dawn rise. "C'mon Angel, we can't stay here all day!"

Angel nodded once, and followed her down the human path.

 Around the park was a square block of houses. If it were a map and you zoomed out, you'd see there were at least 6 of the same blocks incircling the park. Beyond that were some houses that had front gardens and back gardens, the expensive ones. Beyond at least 9 blocks of those houses, was a swift river that incircled the entire city. And, even though no cat had ever seen it, beyond that, was a huge forest.

Dawn and Angel reached the house that smelt of Catnip. There owner was cooking meat in the kitchen. The two cat huddled up in thier basket and fell asleep...

The End

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