The morning air ruffled Suns fur. Her body was low to the ground, a mouse a metre away. She pounced, killing it with one jab. She tucked in, but was interupted by a familiar mew. "Sun!" Earth meowed, crawling out of a bush at the far side of the garden. His fur was covered in snow. "How long have you been hiding?" Sun meowed, gulping down the last of the mouse. "Urm, dunno. Anyway its about the cats your looking for. I know these really sweet cats who live on the other side of the park. Their names are Dawn and Angel. Dawn probaly won't join, shes a little scared whenever i talk to her about the agency. But Dawn told Angel about it, and she listens to your strories like mad! I think she'll be a puurfect recruit!" Earth meowed. "Thats great Earth! I shall leave immedietly. Which house? I'm not expecting you to come." Sun meowed happily. Earth nodded and meowed: "The house that reaks of catnip." Sun meowed her thanks, and padded quickly out of the garden. The street was still covered with snow, but people were busy buying last minute chirtsmas presents. Sun purred contentment. She loved this time of year. The park was just across the road. She dashed across the road and jumped over the park fence, sprinting for the smell of catnip that filled her nose. But she was interupted by a startled mew from the gazebo. A small cat stood there. She had smoky grey fur. One eye was torn, the other one icy blue. She had a beautiful blue ribbon collar on her neck. Another cat joined her side. This one was a beautiful tortoiseshell. It had a matching collar, and pink eyes. She didnt have to ask. "Dawn and Angel. Golly, ive been looking for you!" The two cats glanced at eacthother. The grey one stepped foward, glee on her face. "Its Sun! Its the real commander Sun isnt it? Oh my oh my oh my oh my! I'm Dawn, and this right here is Angel!" Dawn meowed. Sun purred as Angel stepped fowards. "Your my hero Sun! You've completed so many important missions! And your a COMMANDER!" Angel purred. Sun was a little embarresed. "Um yes well..thank you i suppose. I have come here on an important mission. Captain Asteroid himself has ordered i find myself a team of elietes. So far i have gathered Tom. His new name is Earth by the way. Dawn and Angel, would you perhaps like to join the agency?"

The End

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