Earth landed with a thud on the other side of the catflap, all of his fur bristling. The smell of chicken wafted from the kitchen. He trotted in confedently, his head high. His owner Anastasia looked at him pitifully. "What on Earth were you doing outside Thomos?" She tutted, throwing him a piece of chicken. He meowed his thanks and began tucking in. Sun probaly needs more cats, and there aren't many cats around this part...maybe i should introduce her to Dawn and Angel? Earth thought to himself. Dawn and Angel lived across the park, in the big house that had catnip growing outside. He knew Dawn well, but he had never met Angel, the other cat who lived with Dawn. Dawn had once been a pretty cat, but now she had lost one eye. It had happend long ago, when she was a kitten. She was on her first walk, when a dog had came and brutaly attacked her. Blood still dripped from that one place in her eye. Apart from that she was quite a pretty cat. She had icy blue eyes, and her fur was a smoky grey. She wore a blue ribbon collar, aparantly matching Angels collar. Earth pitied the poor cat. He sighed, (well, to the humans it was a mew) and finished the chicken. He supposed he should get up early, to go see Sun at the small house a few blocks down. Her owners were a young couple, they'd bought Sun for Chirstmas when they'd moved there. Earth often visited, because they had a 5 year old daughter who loved cats. Most humans that age pulled cats tails, but Esme was lovely. Earth trotted back outside, ignoring Suns command. The sun had sank, and now more snow was falling. Earth got back to his game of catch the snowflakes. "Snow snow snow snow snow!" He mewed....

The End

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