Kittycat 101

So you think your pet pussycat is sittng in the garden? Have you ever wondered what its really up to? Where that occaisional scar comes from? Well...perhaps the truth is to be told...

Chapter 1


“9?” The she-cat asked, confused. The tom jumped down from the dustbin. “Yes 9. Sun? Are you saying you can’t handle 9?” He asked. Sun looked at the ground. “Of course I can. I was just wondering…why didn’t you choose Moon?” She asked in a sweet voice. The tom looked at the sky. “I have chosen Moon. He shall also tutour 9.” Sun looked a little shocked. “Oh…I see. Where shall I find these 9 cats?” Sun asked. The tom looked back at Sun. “Just go look around the neighbourhood. Go see what pets you can dig up.” With that, the tom fled into the snowy night. Sun sighed. The alleyway had a strong scent of chicken coming from a human café. She padded along swiftly. When she exited the alley, she found herself in the familiar maze of human houses. She ran over the human road and jumped onto a fence. Sun jumped down into the white lawn. As usual, the local kitty Tom was sitting in the snow, trying to catch snowflakes with his paw. He had a beautiful dark silver, almost blue pelt. He also had light green eyes. He wore a thin collar with a green charm attatched to it. Tom looked at Sun. “Hi Sunflower.” He meowed. “Its Sun.” Reminded Sun. Tom rolled his eyes. “Yup. Whatcha’ want anyways?” Sun took a deep breath. “You’ve heard of my organization right? Team 101?” Asked Sun. Tom nodded. Sun focused her amber gaze on Tom. “I request you join.” She meowed sternly. Toms eyes widened. “Really? HECK YEAH!” He screeched to the heavens. Sun hissed back. “Ssssh! But there are some rules! First, you can tell no cat. Second, from now on, only cats who aren’t in the agency can call you Tom. To us, you are now Earth.” Sun added. Tom looked back, smiling. “Of course! Earth…that’s cool!” He meowed jumping from side to side. Sun shivered. Her golden and ginger patched pelt was almost white. “Go inside. Eat dinner. You have a big lifetime ahead of you. Meet me at the gazebo in the park at midnight in a week.” Earth nodded, and ran through the catflap. Sun meowed contentment. Ok, so that’s one cat down. But that’s the only pet I know! How can I possibly find any others? Maybe if I go to the other side of town I can find some. She thought to herself.

The End

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