During my prison time, my mother had apparently been informed that our neighbors had a daughter who just happened to be my age, and went to my school. Graciously, my mom had decided to set up that we would walk to school together. Great.... 

My first school morning was not my favorite. I headed down-stairs early that morning in my favorite pair of cargoes and a blue tank top, my hair pulled up in its usual ponytail, and was promptly pulled back upstairs by my elbow to redo my look. I slumped back down on the bed as my mom pulled out a flowered skirt with a brown camisole and a shrug.

"Absolutely not!" I screeched, nearly puking at the sight. My mom sighed, and turned back to the closet, switching out the skirt for a pair of white jeans capris, and the shrug for a one-shouldered, tunic-like top that weren't quite as hideous. I stepped into the bathroom to change, and when I stepped out she promptly pulled the binder from my hair and let the curls fall freely on my shoulders.




My neighbor, Lizzie, turned out to be the most annoying geek ever. After the first five minutes, I was officially ready to kill her.

"So Katherine-" Lizzie started once we reached school.


"Right, so..." she was interrupted again by someone tapping me on the shoulder. I turned around to see an amazingly gorgeous boy standing behind me.

"You're Katherine Cridley, right?" he asked.

"Kat," I corrected.

"Like a Kit-Kat?" he asked, laughing slightly. I raised my eyebrow. "Right. I'm Tyler Harris, the school ambassador. Ms. Kidrew told me to tell you to contact me if you have any questions."

"Okay," I said, continuing to stare at Tyler.

"Bye, Kit-Kat," he winked at me as he strode into the ground. My heart fluttered.

"So as I was saying-" Lizzie continued. I was in too much of a daze to even be annoyed.

The End

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