The following week flew past in a blur, and next thing I knew I found myself being loaded into the car with my pillow, iPod, and a few books. My parents climbed in and my dad pulled out of the driveway. As we drove down the street, away from my life, a single tear slipped down my cheek.

I dozed off easily because of the dramamine my mom had given me, and awoke hours later. A glance out the window at the numerous Illinois license plates confirmed our location. Bored, I began to kick the seat in front of me, which happened to be my mothers.

"Katherine-" My mother turned around.

"Kat." I interrupted.

"You need to stop that. I know you're upset, but you need to accept that we're not going back, and you need to try to get a positive attitude. I shook my head so that my hair fell into my face.

"And we'll need to get your hair fixed, and take you shopping too."

"What? Why? There's nothing wrong with my hair."

"It's blue, Katherine. If you were at Minnehaha you'd have to fix it to."

"But I'm not going to Minnehaha, I'm going to public school, so it stays."

"Katherine, we're fixing your hair and getting you new clothes. End of discussion."

"But-" I protested, shuddering to think of my hair back to its boring honey blonde.

"Case closed," my mom snapped, turning back to the front.

"Goodbye life, Goodbye happiness," I sighed.

The End

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