He stares into my eyes and I stare into his. Into the fathomless, bottomless black pools that are his eyes. I feel his arm snake around my waist and let him pull me closer. With his other hand he interlocks our fingers, still without breaking my gaze. 

That's when I realize. Ohmygod, he's going to kiss me. Whatshouldidowhatshouldidooo?? I go into a state of silent panic, feeling the hand that grasps his get hot and sweaty. 

Then he leans forward. 

My heart is going like the clappers. Baboombaboombaboom.

Then his lips are on mine, I close my eyes and focus all my panic into kissing him. After a few moments, he breaks away. I open my eyes, tilting my head slightly in a confused and slightly annoyed way. Why did he end it? It was so good! 

Then it came to me.

I wrapped my free arm around his neck, pulling us even closer so I could almost feel his heartbeat against my chest.

Then I kissed him.


The End

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