Kiss Me

The moon lit up the dark night sky leaving a trail of rippled light center the ocean as they hold each other awaiting the sunset. His hands gently warm her arms as he caresses them to the rhythm of the waves. With her head on his shoulders she glances up to see his silhouette profile. His lips were perfect. Almost heart-shaped, they seemingly called out to kiss him. She raised her hand and let her fingers graze his bottom lip which was smooth and  as soft as velvet. He drew her fingers closer and began to kiss them ever so delicately til he was no longer kissing but rather tasting. He then clasped on to her, winding her up and over top of him til they were eye to eye. The sounds of the waves and the moon light in his eyes were the foreplay of the kiss she was about to experience. He thrusts her closer, chest to chest, and tastes her bottom lip.

The End

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