The light glimmers off from the full moon, reflected in her eyes. The night was silent except for our breaths, inhaling and exhaling. My heart was beating quickly, trying to catch up with my every movement. Her hands were so smooth in mine and her legs were quickly catching up to mine as I led her around the garden. Her back was straight and composed, not quivering one bit under my touch.

We continued our dance around the garden. There was no melody, there was no rhythm. We just danced to whatever I decided to dance. She made no complaint and just followed silently, while smiling, lifting the corners of her tiny mouth. I finally drew the dance to a close and pulled her closer to me than I should have. I blushed a bit and averted my gaze, but at the corner of my eye I saw her blush too.

I let go of my dancing frame, but she still stood the same distance as I left her. I took a step back, but that just made me admire her figure. She didn't have good curves, but her body fit perfectly in that black and white high low dress. It made me want her more, but I know I shouldn't. I can't approach her unless she lets me.

She probably noticed that I hesitated and she walked forward and placed her arms around my neck. She looked up at me and smiled and started swaying back and forth, starting a slow dance. I took the invite and placed my arms around her waist. I started swaying too and again we wandered through the garden slowly.

"You look beautiful tonight."

I leaned my forehead close to hers. She didn't back away. I couldn't help it but my lips were inching closer to hers. She stopped swaying and just closed her eyes. At that moment I kissed her, softly at first, but then I pressed harder. I pulled her closer to me and she responded by tightening her hold around my neck. Her hand moved up my neck and through my hair. I bit softly on her lips and her mouth opened. I let my tongue slip through the opening and explored the inside. I licked the walls of her mouth and went around her teeth. She started breathing hard and I needed to take a breath. I didn't want this moment to end, but we pulled apart, both of our faces red.

"Sorry," I muttered softly.

"There is nothing to apologize for." This time, she came forward at full force and kissed me passionately. I hope that this is just the beginning of our days together.

The End

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