Drak the animago or Drak the animal magician

Chapter 2

Drake was in their rooms thinking about how to resolve their problems more new, young as two years does not that his father died and he had to assume the throne, even if not ready, he thought about how to govern as justice and the image death of his father, contrary to what everybody thinks his father the King Drakillus not died because of old age but in fact he was being poisoned in a long time, and if this were not enough to make Drake worried, his brother disappeared a week after the death of his father, not the news
Drake, after the death of his father no longer rely on its back all except his brother and his friend and his brother Felix to Phoenix. Drake was so thoughtful that no one noticed when it dove messenger. But the silence was broken in his mind when he drew a dove.
- Mr. I have a message for you, the Kingdom of Parvanyam.
- Kingdom of Parvanyam, the king?
- No, sir, a man named Dekhã is a Super Human, knight of the cut.
- Dekhã! - Drake took the letter and began to read, his lips moved as if rock - Hi brother, I need to talk to you, tomorrow morning go to the source of Kigola, I will use the tunnels that exist under the natural kingdoms, do not forget tomorrow morning, miss. - Drake and ended well off if one of their problems, the disappearance of his brother, He is alive thought Drake escaping a wide smile. Turned to the dove and said - if someone is knowing that I received this letter, it is good you worry about their safety.
- Si .. Yes Mr. Dhekã. But I suggest that you burn this letter.
- Yes, I am so surprised by this letter that I do not remember that good .... - The conversation was interrupted by the call of Griff.
- Go now, and thanks. - Drake threw the letter in the fireplace next to the throne.
Griffe came - looking at the letter that the burning fireplace.
- You sent for me?
- I sent? - Drake had forgotten that he needed to speak with Griffe on the prisoner who escaped recently. - Yeah, I'm so full of problems that I forgot completely. But i found some trace of him?
- No, but I went thinking that we could send our spies.
- Those who trained you and Kanye? Asked interested in the idea of Griff.
- Yes, but not to run the risk of them being caught if you accept that idea I will select the two best and explain to them all - stop waiting for a reply, but all she heard was a murmur of concern.
Drake knew that his spies pegassem the good relationship between the two kingdoms would, on the other hand if they do not do anything the fugitive continue attacking innocent people, and if discovered would direct him whether he was a monster of his kingdom and sound relationship would likely rise to discussion on the possible war and the expulsion of Voxyam of the Existence. Drake looked at Griffe and started talking.
- OK, but choose only the best, if we are caught have catastrophic consequences.
- Yes sir, I choose the finger. And there something else? Asked hoping that Drake told that the plague.
- What you are suspicious Griffe?
- Look, since you assumed the throne I can not see more the Drake Dekhã my childhood friend, I just see the Drake Dekhã the King of Voxyam, I think you see the songs in there that know. You changed, and it was not for the better. Oh and I come here and you forget all this, you do not forget to have a meeting with the king of Parvanyam tomorrow forgotten?
- No - replied with great conviction, despite the lying.
- No, you are sure - stopped outraged at the lack of consideration for your friend - look, if you're willing to be honest with me, you know where to find me. Griffe was toward the door.
- Gri ... Griffe, wait - but it was late and foremost, Griffe had already left.
The End

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