A satire of the world we live in, where different races live in harmony but will always be someone that feels even better than all its similar.
a story with heroes, villains, kings, dragons and other mythical creatures.

Chapter 1

Our history is full of mysteries and lies but we know that our creator has in more than 1 billion years, the priests believe that the kingdoms that exist today is a dative klāt of the Giant, the Wizard more powerful than already exists. The priests say klāt in a moment of anger for having been struck by lightning from the heavens the same shot with ten times more force to the sky, reaching what is today the mountains, klāt realized it had changed the entire landscape of their wide area, destroying forests, lakes, including his "friend" to Animaga Roxana.
Nobody knows how klāt emerged but encountered as we know, after klāt see Roxana under that stone building, he was upset and scared that he had never be happy without Roxana, and he realized it was all his fault, that he knew if checked, would kill Roxane.
Then randomly selected 6 klāt mountains and deposited them within six stones, these stones he deposited his power also divided, and then put a stone on each mountain, but klāt was very powerful and it even decreased in size he still had so much power he realized that no matter can leave your trapped in those without stones who had someone to save them then he looked at the six mountains and thought, thought, thought, and began to focus the rest of your energy and when he finished to meet their forces shot him seven times, one for each mountain ai ...
- Seven shots? - Asked the child suspicious.
- That is seven shots? - Answered
- You said you were six mountains.
- If you do not interrupt me again I explain, I hope - and there will be giving?
- Sorry, Mr. Guth.
- No need to apologize. Where I stopped?
- "One for each mountain there ...".
- One for each mountain, then when he came in the sixth shot, he noticed the same thing you six to seven mountains, but he noted that those mountains were everywhere then he pointed to the horizon and fired, the radius of energy reached a lake that was beyond the horizon, the power generated and cocoons inside the first form of life after klāt and Roxana, and it happened to everybody else, only that for every mountain was formed a different species. These six species are: Human, Super Human, Wizard, Warriors, Animagos, Monsters from Earth. This pod was born a male and a female of each species.
But I had a problem klāt was still alive and that the species did not know how to procreate because they were never as powerful as him, so he used a stone from the stone that now belongs to our kingdom to improve their creations of these emotions , tastes, personality and intelligence, then disappeared klāt, 9 months after the cocoon opened up and knew what each species were created to protect the power of klāt him.
The kingdoms were growing and improving and is increasingly differentiating, growing increasingly, and with it came the problems in some emerging nations were opposed to their respective governments, thieves. In just 550 years of life, felt the need to create a force of repression of opposition, authorities to take care of thieves, said the rebels were the first to have contact with other mountains. Until in 630 of the rebels through all nations except the nation's water is just history, its existence was not confirmed until now, that good counsel called the Council of existence in this council were invited only 13 of each kingdom, the they discussed several things, including culture, security, ideas, problems and aid in this board all nations accepted the idea of Human KAB, provide name for each of the kingdoms, all accepted the idea, and it was: Human - United of Thulinyam, Super Human - Kingdom of Parvaro (who joined 373 years ago have graduated in Parvanyam) - Wizard and Warriors - Kingdom of Klaticos - Animagos - Kingdom of Voxyam - Monsters of Earth - Atlos. Council also resolved that the law was called Protection Laws, they summarize in 5 laws:
1 - All kingdoms have their own authenticity, its sovereignty is undeniable.
2 - Every kingdom has its own laws and therefore no law of another kingdom may interfere with the law of a kingdom.
3 - Each kingdom has their views, ways of living, to be, to learn and no other kingdom has the right to try to impose their views, ways of being, to live, learn, unless such a request is made by the or if the king does not prohibit you, as a kingdom by trying to impose their will war be declared by the Board of Existence and if convicted the army formed by warriors of all nations that have to be moved to help intercept the army determined enemy.
4 - Every kingdom has a right to share your space the way they best opinion, has the right to create an army composed of members of his kingdom and / or members of other kingdoms if they are its allies, each kingdom has right to choose their form of government.
5 - Every Kingdom has the right to punish the thieves the way they fit, unless that punishment violates the rights of Vivo, if a someone is caught stealing will be tried and punished without being victim to dam it to you in the form of torture, death , decapitation.
At the kingdoms that before there was hardly knew came out of the allies, which is our case we are Super Human Human allies to you, without you we would not be nothing, we are outnumbered in relation to other realms. - Guth stopped talking to see your friend Dekhã --
- Well children give me leave, now I gotta go, I have to fulfill my duties of soldiers of the Kingdom. I continue the story in another time, okay.
- Yes Mr. Guth. - Respond in leather.
- Okay, now go to your homes you know that the curfew starts at 10 minutes, nothing. - Guth said with worried tone.
- Bye Mr. Guth. - And the children go.
Dekhã approaches
- You never tire of telling the same story for children? - Dekhã question.
- You know I like to tell our story to them, to know how they came by that emerged.
- It's official, I quit for ... - Hear a scream.
- Is it going - Guth talking scared.
Guth and Dekhã into the forest for Carballo triggered the search of the source of the scream. Guth is one of the soldiers of the kingdom of Super Human Thulinyam better prepared, the soldiers of Thulinyam are hand-picked as among the Super Human Metahumanos that there are common besides having the abilities of a Super Human is common for extra skills Guth Tele cinese and in the case of Sonar Dekhã deafening agility and a better than even the Super Human abeis who are above any other species.
Guth went to right to left and Dekhã, this tactic worked well:
One left and one for doing the right curves at certain times and thus surrounding the enemy where they wanted.
Guth ran away with the trees and tele cinese Dekhã ran among the trees with an impressive speed and agility.
- Guth?
- What?
- He is close, I will use my sonar to locate it, you better cover your ears.
And he again, Guth tapou hearing and Dekhã turned their sonar, but it was late, the opponent has had dominated, they fought until Dekhã looked at him and saw what it was when you cried.
- Guth, rescue, he is a ... A werewolf. - The silence that followed was. Dekhã and werewolf without looking eye to eye until the silence was broken by the wail of the werewolf after Guth enfinca you the sword that had been given when it became soldier, from the same day USA never stated it as used at that time.

The End

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