The Rat

"Kill me then

I'm always going to be

Alive in those corners of your mind

That I feel most familiar with

Immortal in your eyes

You know that well enough

You've tried before

That's all that really matters

You know that you can't destroy me

I am an idea

I am your only truth"

 The rat stood on it's hind legs and grinned maliciously, it's thick tail swishing back and forth, sweeping the empty floor. The King of Trash froze, a dozen rats limp in his bony hands. Black blood oozed onto his bare feet.

"I could tell you about the times

That you hated

That you were hated


We both know that's a long story

I could hold a knife to your past's throat

Skim the metal blade on it's pathetic skin

Let you watch as I press it against the wall

I can make the darkest dreams

But they can't be destroyed

And neither can I  

Neither can I"

With that, the rat scuttled off into the darkness of the ever-winding corridors, a squeak bouncing off the chandeliers as the king crumpled onto the sticky puddle of blood- robes and layers of velvet consuming him. It was back.

The End

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