Chapter V

Chapter V

-Castle of Dreams


   Turk arrived at the first world he chose, looking for the princesses of heart. He jumped off his keyblade glider and landed as it returned to its original form. Turk began to look around. “I hope that the darkness hasn’t reached this world yet.” Turk prayed as he continued to explore his surroundings, “Where would the princess be? Ah! That’s it!” He exclaimed as he saw a big castle through the trees that surrounded his location.

   Turk began dashing off towards the castle in order to find the princess of heart, Crystal Charming. Lots things began to rush throw his head as he ran forward. ‘What does she look like?’, ‘What is a princess like?’, ‘How should I act?’, and ‘What is the castle like?’

   Once Turk finally reached the courtyard, several heartless of all kinds formed to halt his path. “Now is not the time for this!” He exclaimed as he took his stance of battle and reached behind him and summoned his keyblade. He then swung his weapon horizontally in front of him and a blizzard shot in a type of slash. Turk then jumped forward, following the Blizzard Slash and strike the remaining few heartless in his way.

   “This isn’t good…” He said aloud as more heartless charged after him. Turk rushed inside the castle to find it in horrid condition. Patches of darkness everywhere, and a type of mist filled the air. “What’s going on? Is this the “new darkness”?” Turk continued through the castle to the ball room where a man was approaching the Princess of Heart, Crystal Charming.

   “Princess!” Turk called out. The man then turned to face Turk.

   “Hello there…” He smiled and fixed himself towards Turk. “Looks like the Captin’ was right after all… these new disruptions would drag you guys out of hiding!” He then held out his hand and the mist formed into his hand to make his weapon, Sheer Ruse. The man was now revealed through the mists disappearance, he has medium length gray hair, grey eyes, and a sinister smile. He wore what seemed to be a high tech based armored uniform.  The man’s Sheer Ruse was a long pipe he held like a cane. “This here is Sheeri and she’s been dying to face you.” 

The End

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