Chapter IV

Chapter 1V

-Radiant Garden

   Just arriving at the world, Raynd was on his Keyblade Glider. He chose this world simply because it was a great source of information, since it was somewhat of a traveler’s refuge. ‘Wonder where to begin…’ He thought as he landed in the shadows of the night. Several hours have passed since Tiffany was taken.
   Raynd was up on a high building where he could see nearly everything around him. The moon was behind him gleaming with the reflection of the sun; making his hair shine. His glider turned back into his keyblade in his hand then vanished. He took a quick glance around him to get a feel of his surroundings then put his hood on; hiding his face. He looked down and saw someone or something based out in an alley way. ‘Is his okay?’ He leaped of the building to another; one roof top to another, gradually getting closer to the man on ground level.
   He finally reached the man to find him lying on his side still holding his stomach. Raynd crouched down and woke him up by lightly pushing his shoulder. “Are you okay?” He said just loud enough for the man waking up could hear him.
   Alex’s eyes slowly opened to find someone he has never seen before crouched down beside him. “How long was I out?” Alex asked, forgetting about what just happened to him.
   “I’m unsure, I just arrived here.” Raynd answered as he stood up and held out a hand, offering Alex help up. Alex took the gesture and rose to his feet. “What happened to you?” He asked Alex.
   “I… don’t remember…” Alex said. He started thinking really hard then got a troubled look on his face. “Tiffany!” He exclaimed. “I’ve got to save her!” He said in a worried yet eager tone. He began to run off but quickly stopped and looked back to where the person who attacked him once stood. “But where did he even go?”
   “Where did who go? Can you tell me what happened?” Raynd was completely clueless; Alex’s reaction was so sudden, something must have happened.
   “I don’t know who it was.” Alex said, remembering his attackers face. “Who are you anyway? Nobody I know would care about some guy in the street, they would have walked pass… you not from here are you?”
   Raynd nodded. “You pretty observant, aren’t you?” Raynd took of his hood and revealed his face. “Name’s Raynd. I’m looking for information about a spreading of darkness, it’s a little complicated but I’m afraid I cannot give you all the details. But as it seems you’ve just had something dark happen to you, huh? Your reaction to my question told me that. So, tell me what happened and I can promise you that I will help you if I can.”

The End

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