Chapter III

Chapter 111

-Radiant Garden

   Alex was walking Tiffany home after spending the day together. The two were in a dark alley way and because of the buildings

surrounding them and the setting sun, they were in shadows; no light could reach them. No one was was silent. 

   "Why did you want to walk around this way this time?" Tiffany asked, it was the longest way to her house. 
   "Dunno, just felt like it..." Alex responded Thoughts of his past pulse through him, but why now? 'What makes today any different?' He thought silently. They came up to a dumpster and Alex stopped. "This is....."
   "Where we first met." Tiffany finished with a smile, then she looked at Alex and the smile quickly melted. "What's wrong?" Alex's face was full of shock and worry as if he knew something that she did not. “Did I miss something?” Alex’s keyblade appeared out of nowhere, it was the first time since they first met.
   “You sure have a great sense of danger…” A mysterious yet familiar voice interrupted the moment. Alex spun around to find himself staring at silhouette with a serious tone in his eyes. “But you’re still not ready.” The figure finished as he walked out of the shadows revealing his face, which much surprise look suspiciously like Alex himself; same hair. Same clothes but they were black and his eyes were yellow and felt cold when you looked into them. “Alex.” He smiled.
   Alex’s eyes widened when he saw the man’s face but quickly reversed. “Who are you?!” He said, keyblade in hand prepared to defend.
   “Why… you should know better than anyone.” The man rushed towards Alex with shadowy after images followed, he had darkness encasing his hand in flames as he palm thrust Alex’s gut causing him to fold over in pain and dropping to his knees. The man then picked up Tiffany and slung her over his shoulder. She pounded on his back but that didn’t faze him. With a flick of his wrist he opened a corridor of darkness and left thought it, leaving Alex with a great pain and a few parting words. “Come and get me.” He snarled with a grin.
   Alex laid there hopelessly, unable to move after that blow to his gut. “How could I be so weak?”

The End

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