Chapter II

Chapter 11

-Land of Departure

   Four guys stood in a room… a big room at that; some sort of hall or announcement chamber. There was a lot of open space, two ways in on the same end of the room but on opposite walls facing each other and three gigantic chairs; thrones if you will, on the other side of the room. One man was standing in front of the center throne facing the others who were standing in formation. He must be in charge in some way, perhaps a master?

   “By now… I am pretty sure you know why I have called you here today.” The Master began. The Master wore silver royal armor with broad shoulder pieces and a cape. “Darkness has once again threatened the worlds as it once has before in ‘The Era of The Seven Lights.' I, unfortunately, do not know who is behind the darkness. But whoever it may be, has taken action in a serious crime… three Princesses of Heart have already gone missing. Killed or taken, this cannot be good.” The three students’ eyes widened when they heard this but remained focused. “I want you three to go forth, save the princesses, and figure out who is behind the darkness.” The master’s coal black eyes narrowed and his face tensed. “Only four remain… but for how long?” He then combed his grey bangs
that rested on his brow out of his face, and they fell back into place while he smirked. “This will be the first test of your Mark of Mastery Exam.” He turned around and his silver transparent cape whirled with him. He put his hands behind his back holding his wrist. He walked between two thrones and behind the one he was standing in front just moments ago. “If you live after finding this new bringer of darkness, meet me at Disney Castle… I must go and speak with the king. We’re going to hold down the fort there.”
  “Master! Where should we begin?” One student asked eagerly. You could almost fell the tension in his voice. His upright, spiky, black hair was just barely moving by some breeze that was entering the room; his brown eyes staring at his master, eager for more information.
  “That is for you three to decide…” Is all the master left them with before dismissing them. The three students left the audience chamber to the courtyard outside.

   “Where do you think we should go?” Asked Zaiz, the one who asked the master the same exact thing, standing there in a yellow short-sleeve shirt with a dark blue sleeve (yes only one) on his right arm and a gauntlet on his left hand.
   “I think we should split up, we could cover more ground that way.” Raynd answered.
   “I will go check on the remaining princesses and warn them of the dangers. “ Turk volunteered. Dressed in a black zipped up vest over a yellow long sleeved shirt. He hit some circle shaped device that was on his left arm that began to light up, immediately making a full body suit of black armor with golden trimming appear. He then summoned a key shaped sword, a keyblade. He took the keyblade and threw it into the air like a boomerang and when it returned to him, it was no longer a keyblade but what appeared to be a cross of a scooter and a pair of skies. The device that was once his keyblade, and strangely resembles it, hovered. Turk got on and gave Raynd and Zaiz a two figure salute fair well, with a grin and his green eyes gleaming with confidence through his slick, blue bangs the just only barely revealed his eyes. He said good luck and took off into some type of portal that opened in front of him.
   “Where will you go?” Raynd asked Zaiz. Raynd was ready to get going and become a master. Anyone that was looking at him at that moment could tell just by the way his bright blue eyes shined with eagerness. He turned towards Zaiz after watching Turk fly off. Standing there in his black short-sleeve jacket; unzipped showing off a red shirt. His brown spiky hair blowing with the gust of wind that blew when he spoke.

   “Well we need to stop the spread of darkness so I guess I could go and start sealing keyholes.” Zaiz suggested.
   “Good idea, I will head out and scout for information about the master mind behind this.”

   The two nodded in agreement and simultaneously hit their arms triggering their armor to appear. Raynd’s was red with black trimming and Zaiz’s was blue with yellow trimming. The two threw their keyblade’s into the air and they returned as gliders just as Turk’s did. Raynd got on his which resembled a hover board while Zaiz resembled a bike. They flew into the same portal Turk used.   As they made their way through, it quickly shrunk behind them, disappearing from existence.

The End

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