Chapter I

This a fan-fic of the video game series, Kingdom Hearts. Taking place nearly 100 years after the events of the original Kingdom Hearts story, a new generation of bearers of light must hold up their keyblades and save the worlds once again from the darkness.
The story follows the chosen 7 lights as they fight against the 13 darkness. The main character, Alex is confronted by a man that looks exactly like him but darker. This man is the main antagonist, Xander.

Chapter 1

-Radiant Garden

   Sitting up on top of a building with his best friend well... his only friend, was a teenage boy by the name of Alex. Alex has straight white hair that is tossed to one side, barely passing his right eye... his blue eyes. He wears a white, unzipped jacket with short sleeves and a black hood over a black shirt with no real design. He also has just a simple pair of blue jeans and a black white checkered belt that is only in one belt loop on his left side, causing it to slouch to the right. Alex is 17 years old but only feels as if he was only half a year. Why is that you ask? Well that is just because he cannot for the life of god recall anything from his past. The last thing he remembers if the moment he met, Tiffany. Tiffany is the only person he knows, or at least that he remembers. Tiffany is the same age as Alex and very beautiful. She wore a blue silk skirt over her black leggings, and a jacket that seemed to match both. Her hair was long and golden and seemed to shine just like her blue eyes, simply amazing.
   "Hey Tiff..." Alex began as he looked down upon the people walking around the square. "Do you remember how we met?" For some strange reason, that moment has been troubling him.
   "Of course!" She said as she turned her attention from the crowd to the clouds moving by. "How could I forget?"


   I was walking home from this exact spot, walking down an alley. It was very late and very dark, I was scared. That's when i saw a boy sitting next to a dumpster, lost and confused. The expression on your face was blank... as if you had no life in you. Your eyes were plain and zombie like, staring of into nothing.
   "Hiya! What may your name be?" I greeted but was only given silence.

   "Huh?" I tilted my head, puzzled by your lack of response.

   "Well my name's Tiffany!" I smiled.
   It was at that moment that I turned around because of a sound but before I could even realize where it came from a creature attacked me, a shadow of some sort, with antennas and two big, glowing eyes. That's when it happened! Like a flash you were in front of me, on your feet and no longer lost. You saved me with some key like weapon. I was in awe by that key. Even though there was no light, it still seemed to sparkle....You turned and faced me and said...


   "...Alex.....Is my name-" Alex interrupted. He continued to stare upon the people, lost in thought. "Isn't it getting late? Maybe I should walk you home." Alex stood up and looked down at Tiffany who only then changed her focus from the sky to Alex and they both smiled. Alex held out his hand and helped her up. "C'mon!" Alex put Tiffany on his shoulders and jumped of the building into the crowd, vanishing from the scene.

The End

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