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In the year 2150 life on earth is quickly deteriorating world war three has finally come to a conclusion, but after a brief period of peace a new war is started after an explorer ship is sent out into space, but accidentally is sent into hostile territory


Chapter 1 Memories

 Year: 2150 NE

 Position Coordinates:  Grid zero Sol Earth

Captains Log On board the I.E. Juggernaut Guardian Angel


 Looking at her LCD screen Admiral Kylie Dy squinted and shook her head; she couldn’t believe what she was seeing after so many years of war with the alien race dubbed the Rashir; the aliens were finally making their move. On her screen were the latest reports, and each one of them read that the enemy was moving, and within a few hours dozens of ships were going to be crossing the border. Tapping the intercom on her desk she connected herself to the bridge where her second in command Commander Archer was monitoring the ships systems.

“Commander sound general quarters, tell tactical to ready all tubes, and warm up our cannons.”

“Yes Admiral.” Pushing a button on his command chair Commander Archer turned the lights on the bridge from white to red, and sounded the alarm, which alerted the crew to the situation. Walking onto the bridge Kylie saw that everyone was at their stations. The bridge was dimly lit, and a green and red glow dominated the room. Standing up Kylie cleared her throat. Tapping the intercom she connected herself to the fleet, and prepared to give the fleet the news.

“Attention all crew members this Admiral Kylie Marie Dy. A few hours ago I received the latest reports on our enemy the Rashirs movements. In a few minutes sixty Rashir ships are going to enter our system. As of right now all space forces are to rally with the Guardian Angel. This is where we make our stand everyone. We must not let the enemy plant any force on our planet. Use any amount of force necessary, but don’t let them get past us. Disconnecting herself from the net Kylie sat down, and began to make preparations’ for the upcoming battle.

The time had come to fight. Behind her was earth beyond this there was no where to run. If the enemy planted boots then everything was lost. Turning to her tactical officer she nodded her head before punching in a set of firing solutions for her missiles “Mr. Carson order all missile tubes to be made ready. I want every missile to be fired when I give the signal,” she said looking at the radar, and the distance between her ship, and the rest of the fleet

“Yes Mam,” said the young Latin American man who was sitting at the tactical position.

“Lieutenant Davis I am relaying the fleet their positions; I want you to put us 1500 kilometers away from the planet, but still within in range of the orbital platforms”.

“Yes Ma am”, said Anita punching in the coordinates then taking control of the steering platform, and slowly taking the massive two kilometer juggernaut to its position.

“Admiral I have HQ on the net band. They want to know what our status is ”

“Put them through Ensign Rivers.” Pushing the enter button on his keyboard a holographic window popped open to reveal Native American man with a thick head of grey hair, and fine chizzled features

“Admiral Dakota it’s good to see you,” said Kylie looking at the man’s well chizz led face.

“I wish we were meeting under better circumstances Admiral Dy, but I need to know Admiral what is the status of the fleet”?

“The enemy has caught us flat-footed Sir. With much of our main combat fleet still in bound, and al lot of our forces engaged on worlds to far too actually recall all I have here is a security fleet. Including my ship that is twenty four ships in total.

“I see. Well then I guess it’s time to bring out our latest creation. I have had our latest weapon installed on your ship. The boys down here are calling it the fusion cannon. They say that it may very well be enough to kick the bitches back.

“Well I hope they are right. This is the Guardian Angel out. Watching the holo screen wink out Kylie turned her attention back to the tactical screen. Staring at the screen Admiral Dy watched as 60 new stars appeared each one representing a ship coming out of hyper space. The enemy was now minutes away. Watching the giant-manta shaped ships come closer Kylie gave the order to fire, and within moments hundreds of nuclear tipped missiles cleared their tubes at sub light speeds. Seeing the missiles cross the distance between them in seconds Kylie sat down and watched as the area between her and her enemy filled up with nuclear fire. Turning back to her navigation officer she nodded her head, and ordered the fleet to break formation. The giant earth ships breaking off into 5 groups flew forward into the nuclear fire each one knowing that even though they had just thrown gig tons worth of nuclear power at their enemy the enemy was still alive, and waiting for them. Entering the nuclear fire Kylie and her crew saw exactly what they had expected, the nuclear bombardment had hurt the enemy, but the shields on the six km manta- shaped giants had protected the majority of the ships.

Looking at the battle rage on Kylie saw her ships start to take damage as the enemies pulse cannons, and antimatter torpedoes started to rip into her formations, tearing apart meters of armor. Watching one ship take several blue pulses to its engines she saw it ram itself into an enemy ship taking the Manta-shaped ship with it in giant fireball.

Getting closer to the battle Kylie felt her ship start to take fire every shot blasting off meters worth of battle plating atomizing every piece instantly. Feeling every shot rattle the ship Admiral Kylie continued to relay orders to her fleet ordering the firing of the fleet’s secret weapon the Fusion cannon.

            Joining up with several other ships Kylie watched as her ships is power supply was drained, and relayed to the beam cannon on the under carriage of her ship. Hearing cannon hum to life Kylie signaled Lieutenant Carlson to fire.


“Mr. Carlson send the bastards to hell with compliments from the human race”, Said Kylie her voice ice cold with no emotion in it.

“With pleasure Admiral,” said Mr. Carlson typing the last command to fire the cannon and pushing enter unleashing a small sun from  the bottom of their ship. Watching the ball cross the distance between her ship and the nearest enemy Kylie witnessed the ball of sun energy engulf the enemy vaporizing the two km vessel in an instant, and going onto hit six more, and vaporizing them.

 Looking at the explosion overrun the enemy Kylie turned to her communication officer, and smiled at the result. “Commander River get our fighter squadron out there, and tell Captain Orville to give them hell.

“Aye aye Admiral, getting on the intercom Shamus Rivers tapped his headset connecting himself directly to their fighter squadron who was below decks waiting to be deployed. Below decks Captain Orville Smith sat and waited with the rest of his twenty four fighter pilots; when suddenly the order to engage was given. Smiling at this he called the rest of compatriots.

“Alright ladies and gentle men it looks like the lady upstairs is finally inviting us to the party. Now I don’t know about you, but I like parties, especially the ones where I get to Kick ETs scaly ass. Pilots do we like parties?

“Yes Sir?” said the group in unition

 “Good. Tell me pilots what’s better then a live ET!”

“A roasted one sir!” the group shouted.

“Alright let’s show these ET pieces of shit who they are messing with. Man your fighters’ ladies.

 Looking at his fighter Orville couldn’t believe what he was flying in. The Earth Imperial fighter was nothing more then a World War 3 F-32 strapped with a booster.  The first of its kind the imperial space fighter had been quickly designed do to the war, but what it lacked in design it made up in weapons, equipped with an over sized particle cannon, fusion missiles, and a laser gatling gun, it was a fierce piece of machinery, and he wouldn’t want to face in the battle field. Getting into the cockpit of his fighter he quickly did a flight check, and awaited the take off signal. Strapping in he checked in with his flight controller, which gave him the go ahead.  Putting down his visor he linked himself to the count down computer. Watching the numbers go down to zero on his heads up display he felt the magnetic rails on the undercarriage speed forward launching him out in space at mach 12 . Now in space Orville wasted no time in getting into the fight. Firing off the booster he quickly sped into the middle of the fray. Steering his fighter into the fray he quickly got his first lock, when a dozen fighters came out of the alien carriers each one firing pulse cannons at his group raining hell on them. Locking onto a dozen enemy fighters he was quick on unleashing six missiles which when launched broke off into a dozen more. Watching the deadly projectiles cross the distance between him, and his enemy he shouted a victory cry when all his missiles hit a fighters shattering every single of them into a dozen pieces. Watching the rest of the battle unfold he saw that some of his buddies were not having the same luck that he was. The enemy was overwhelming many of his positions.

On his radar Orvill saw a dozen more contacts start to come at him. Maneuvering to avoid the incoming fire he returned the favor, and fired into the fray with his particle cannon blasting the space between him, and the incoming horde with red and yellow lightning. Continuing to fire into the horde he saw that many of his comrades were following suit. Red and yellow blasts were vaporizing dozens of fighters from large distances, but the battle was far from one sided. The enemies’ fighters may not have been as fast as his, but for what they lacked in speed they made up in numbers, and brute strength. From his cockpit Orville watched as even earths might capital ships fell to the hordes lasers, and Missile bombardment. Continuing to coordinate his attack runs he watched as even more of his friends were blasted apart. Listening to the radio he heard his friends scream and curse as they desperately tried to hold off the horde of alien craft. Now out of missiles and fuel he turned his sites back to his carrier when all of a sudden he saw something that completely blinded his instruments. The Guardian Angel had fired off its main weapon, and unleashed a site from hell. The alarms in his cockpit going nuts Orville was not one to not take a hint. Whatever the Angel had unleashed it had been powerful, and if he, and anyone else was caught in the middle of explosion he was most certainly dead. Pushing the booster to its maximum He rallied what was left of his fighter squadron, and quickly pulled Gs back to the angel where each one landed, and was sealed in. Still in their craft Orville didn’t even have time to get out when an enemy pulse shook the ship

 Seeing the giant ball of fire roar out off the Guardian Angel Kylie was left in total disbelief. The ball was massive, and so were the energy readings. Looking at the giant ball of light she determined that it contained more nuclear energy in it then 10000 100 megton nuclear bombs all wrapped in one. Feeling the cannon’s recoil kick in she felt it blast the ship backwards a few inches Kylie was left without words if that was the untested version she didn’t want to know what the fully developed version felt like or looked like.

Watching the ball of orange and red light cross the space between her ship and the enemy Kylie suddenly felt sorry for the Rashir as the ball crossed the distance enemy fighters tried to intercept the ball of light only to end up being ripped apart by the massive force of the energy blast. The ball exploding in the middle of the massive enemy fleet Kylie watched as the explosion washed over the fleet vaporizing the large portion of the fleet instantly. With still a lot of ships in the area, Kylie ordered the fleet to form up one more time. Checking the energy gage on her panel Kylie realized that there was only enough power in the energy coils for one more blast. Realizing that after this the cannon would overload, and fuse Kylie ordered the cannon to fire one last time. Sitting back in her chair Kylie felt the kick back one more time, and then came another explosive ball that again flew into the fray, and blew up in the middle of the enemy fleet destroying the enemy leaving nothing but melted metal, and blown out armor plating. Turning to her tactical officer, and crew Kylie suddenly felt a sense of relief when her operator gave her the good news. The enemy was retreating. The enemy had been beaten back, but looking at the battle carnage the victory had cost them a lot. On every one of the ships hundreds of lives had been spent. The Human race after having been fighting the aliens for four years now and having been beaten back at every major engagement had finally won one battle. Getting up from her seat Kylie gave the order to head to the nearest space dock, and quietly left the bridge leaving her second in command.

Sitting herself down in her leather chair Kylie began to read over the casualty report. In the entire engagement she had lost 12 ships and 1200 people in total the enemy on other hand had lost just as many if not even more, but the sad thing about it all was that humanity at the moment was dieing. In the last four years Earth because of the war had not found another home to put people on, and with still many parts of the earth radioactive, and the government fighting the war, and at the same time trying to keep the planet alive Humanity at the moment was dieing, and would be dead unless something was done to save the world.

Hearing the clamps take hold of the ship Kylie put her head back, and exhaled now that the battle was over it was their turn. They could either pursue the Rashir or stay in system, and wait to be shot down. Looking at the last reports Kylie put in her decision to pursue the enemy. Getting out of her chair Kylie made her way to lower decks where ships airlock was.  Moving past repair crews Kylie was saluted all the way till she got to the airlock where many of the crews were filtering through. Walking into the station Kylie soon realized that not only did the ships outside take damage, but so did many of space stations who had managed to get within weapons arrange. Looking out from one of windows Kylie could see repair crews work desperately with laser torches taking off weakened and blown out armor plating. Her attention fully on this Kylie closed her eyes her memories fading into the past to the very beginning of the what started it all



 Year 2146 N.E

Position grid: 00 lunar space dock

Aboard the Explorer ship Atlas

Memory flash back

It had been along time coming, but finally after many months of debate amongst the people in parliament colonization program had finally been approved. Being Chosen for the Atlas’s maiden flight Captain Kylie Dy was ecstatic. Walking briskly through the corridors of Earths most advanced ship she examined her new making sure everything was in working order. Looking through the print outs, and data tablets Kylie couldn’t believe how far ahead the human race had come. Since the end of the War earth had not only discovered faster then light travel, but had made advances in several other fields. This was all thanks to newly formed Imperial royal family. The family being made out of the best minds in world was dedicated to the peace cause, and humanities survival. She had them to thank for her ticket off world, and them to thank for the opportunity to save the human race. The truth was that Kylie had lived through the 2050 war; she had been a lieutenant aboard one of carriers. She had seen combat and new very well how ugly it was. Reminiscing on her history she sighed for once she thought she would be doing something more then firing missiles, and killing people.

            Making her way to the engineering section Kylie continued to read her data tablets, but was interrupted when she accidentally bumped into one of her crew members. Seeing that she was at fault Kylie quickly got on her hands and knees, and helped out in getting the young crew members things together.

            “I am so sorry about this Mam I wasn’t watching where I was going,” said the young crewmen putting everything back into her box of belongings.

            “The error is mine Crew man,” said Kylie happily picking things up. Looking up the young lady Kylie saw that the young woman was dressed in an engineer uniform. Looking at the stripes, and wrench on her insignia she quickly figured out that she was not only an engineer, but a head engineer. Placing women’s belongings in the box Kylie stuck out her hand.

            “I am Captain Kylie Dy crewmen,” said Kylie with a smile on her face.

            “I am senior officer Maria Hernandez, and it’s a pleasure to meet you captain. I am guessing you are going to be Manning this rig while we are out their.”

            “I guess I am, but sadly I don’t know much about the ship she looks great and all, and but aside from schematics I am not familiar with everything.

            “Well Captain I guess today’s your lucky day I was one of the main people who helped design this ship, and I was on it when we ran her through her test runs. If you would like I could easily show you around.”

            “That would be great Ms Hernandez.”

            “Well since we are close by why don’t we start off with the engine room?”

            “Sounds good Maria lead the way.” Walking with Maria Kyle noticed that not only did Maria know the ship, but she seemed to be able to boast about it. Walking into the engineering section of the ship Kylie saw the driving force of the ship. In the center of the room was a massive pylon, which was surrounded by even more circular shaped canisters. The pylon stretching up to the high ceiling glowed a bright shade of green.

            “Well captain welcome to engineering. The pylon that that you see in the center is our wormhole engine, it mixes the particles that are needed to create wormhole around the ship, which allows us to jump. The canisters you see surrounding the main pylon is our power supply. Those eight canisters are fusion reactors capable of powering twelve cities they provide us with the power necessary to mix the particles, and enable us to power every system aboard the Atlas.

            Walking over to one of the consoles Maria tapped a few bottoms bringing up a diagram of the entire ship. “As you already know Captain this ship not only equipped with its own science facility, but it’s equipped with a defensive and offensive capabilities. This 750 meter ship is equipped with several short and long range weapons including 7 80 megawatt laser cannons, which are positioned on hard points across the hull, twelve torpedo tubes each filled to capacity with 12 missiles. Rotating the diagram Maria smiled, and now for my favorite part this ship Captain is equipped with an AI an artificial intelligence.”

            Looking at the diagram Kylie was amazed at how well designed the ship was. Its large 600 meter arrow shaped hull with designed to go through wormholes with ease. Littered with subspace sensors, it could detect even the smallest anomalies. Starring at the holographic diagram Kylie marveled at how big, and advanced it was. Her ship was truly a marvel of human engineering. Leaving Maria to her duties Kylie continued her tour of her ship. Touring the fighter bay Kylie realized that not only did explorer ship come equipped with lasers, but also came equipped with a fighter squadron of twelve f-32 space fighters. Looking at the Craft Kylie couldn’t even imagine why they would even call such piece of junk a space fighter. It lacked maneuverability it drank massive amounts of fuel, and in many of its test runs broke down when it tried to use it miniature gate engine. Looking in the inside Kylie saw that the ship was filled with damaged instruments.

            “I see you’re interested in my fighter,” said a voice from behind the craft.

            “I am sorry, and who may you be?” asked Kylie looking up from the inside craft.

            “I am captain Orville smith, and do you mind telling me what you are doing looking at my craft this is no play space.

            “Captain oh I see well I am a captain to, and the Atlas craft. My name is Captain Kylie Marie Dy.”

            “I am sorry Mam I didn’t know,” Said Orville stiffening up just a bit saluting her.

            “There is no need for the formalities you aren’t under my command until we leave dock in the mean time you can tell me about your fighter and why it’s dismantled on my deck.”

            “I am just upgrading it Mam; I am adding a personal touch. I am not only a fighter pilot Mam, but I am also this ships mechanic, and I have several degrees in electronics. I am just taking a crude design, and making it better.”

            “Oh is that so, and what are you doing to make an Air force design better?” asked Kylie her arms crossed while she looked at the pilot.

            “Well Mam the Air forces in the past have been known to make good designs, but this thing has no bite. What I am upgrading is this things sensors, power generation, and I am also making a request to add a particle rail gun to the design. By the time I am done with it this piece of machinery it will be mean and will be able to dish out a hell of a lot more then ever before,” said Orville with smirk on this face.

“I see. Well Mr. Smith just remember to clean up the mess. We will be leaving in a few hours, and I want everything in tip top shape.

“I understand Mam.” Leaving Mr. Orville to his tinkering Kylie made her way to the main deck. Entering the main deck Kylie found several officers who were making last minute checks. Sitting down in the captains Chair Kylie took one look at her crew, and nodded.

“Good day ladies and gentlemen. Communication I think its time that we make our good byes on the net. Patch us through to the net.

“Yes Mam.” Standing up Kylie stretched her jump suit, eliminating the wrinkles on it.

“Com are we on?” asked Kylie looking at the viewer and the globe on it.

“Yes Mam we are on,” said the blonde women at the communication station.

“Good evening people of earth. Today is historic day for the people of our race, today the crew of the atlas a ship which couldn’t have been built without you will be launching to explore the outer reaches of our system in order to find us a new home. Looking at the screen Kylie saw several parties going on around the world. Watching this Kylie realized that everyone hopes were on her ship. The hopes of an entire world were on her.  Ending her broadcast Kylie turned to her navigational officer a red haired young man. “Mr. Radimus set a course once around the block, Pluto and back.”

“Aye Aye captain setting a course.”

“Helm take us out nice and slow.” Feeling the ship move Kylie was nudged back into reality. Looking back at the space station and space walkers Kylie realized that she had phased out. Shaking her head she looked at the space walkers one last time reminding herself that what had been done had been done. Turning away from the window Kylie turned and walked to the elevator which would take her to the Earths headquarters on the surface. Getting a seat in the atmospheric pod Kylie along with twelve other of her officers strapped in, and prepared for the decent to the surface. Watching the counter move from ten to zero Kylie felt her mind trail off. It had been a very long time since she had actually been home the war mostly having been fought on alien worlds hadn’t even touched earth up to now. Thinking of what had transpired in space only a few short hours ago Kylie tried to think of how she was going to tell the council of war to go ahead with operation invasion. The enemy had beaten them up to now, and even with the newest weapons it was going to be a gamble of the highest proportions.

Her pod now breaking the atmosphere Kylie looked out the window, and was greeted by a fleet and the site of Imperia earths Capital. Feeling the pod come to a complete stop Kylie unbuckled herself from her seat, and brushed off her uniform. Moving to the exit Kylie made her way past her officers, and slowly opened up the hatch.

Upon exiting the hatch Kylie was greeted by not only several key officials, but among the dukes, Princesses, Princes, Admirals, and Generals. Kylie saw some one very important. Standing at the back Kylie saw King Simon Dominick leader of earth.

“Admiral Dy its good to see you again,” said the young king looking at her with ocean blue eyes

“Thank you your majesty it’s an honor to see you again.”

“You have done earth a great service, but now we must move on I believe we a lot to discuss.”

“Yes your majesty.” Walking with King Simon Dominick Kylie could see that the 30 year old king was very mature for his age. His stride was full of confidence, and his full built body was flawless. Getting into the kings hover car Kylie looked around at who was in the car with her, to her right was general Horus head of the ground forces to her left was Admiral Horus head of navy and infront of her was Admiral Dakota head of the space force and beside him was general Gemini head of the Air force. The group riding in silence all knew exactly why they had been gathered, and where they were going. From the spaceport the group quickly made their way to their destination the Kings palace. Starring at the scenery Kylie could see their destination a large building constructed out of pure Tritium its spires glittered in the sunlight; considered the safest place in the world it was heart of Humanity. Making their way through the arch that connected the city to palace the group still was silent, and Kylie knew why. Stepping out of the car the group slowly made their way into a conference room where each of them took their seat.

            “Welcome ladies and gentlemen. I know all of you know what I am doing here.”

            “We all know, but please explain it us Admiral why do you want us to precede with operation invasion. We barely have enough forces to defend ourselves.”

            “Its simple Admiral Horus,” said Kylie pushing a button, and playing back the battle.

            “We wounded the enemy today. If we don’t follow through with our operation invasion right now the enemy will regroup and come at us again, and the next time we may not be able to stop them.”

            “With what force Admiral Dy do you propose we attack with?”  Asked King Simon listening attentively to Kylies proposal

            “Your Majesty I propose that you allow me to venture out past the rim to make an alliance with people of triad world. If we ally ourselves with them we may stand a better chance at stopping the Rashir advance.

            “You want us to make an alliance with aliens.  Aliens are what are destroying us Admiral Dy, or did you forget this little fact Admiral.

            “Hold your tongue Admiral Horris you’re speaking to a war hero. Admiral Dy has more experience then you, and you will show respect,” Said Admiral Dakota standing up from his seat, and pointing at him.

            “Don’t lecture me Dakota,” said Horus his green eyes narrowing in on the Native American. Starring at the blonde haired Admiral, Admiral Dakota pointed at him to sit down.

            “Admiral Horus Admiral Dy’s has a proposal, and we will listen  is that clear.”

            “Yes your majesty.” Grabbing his seat Admiral Horus crossed his arms, and starred at Kylie his glare clearly fixed on her.

            “Now Admiral Dy please continue,” said King Chevron looking putting his arms on the round table, and motioning her to continue.

            “As I was saying your majesty, I believe that if we forge an alliance with the civilizations that we have encountered mainly the Triad world, the chances of our survival greatly increase.”

            “Ms Dy the information that we have on this triad world is mostly from the Atlas in order for me to make judgment on an Alliance I would like to see your entries.”

            “Yes your majesty” Pushing another button Kylie brought up her captains log. Seeing the entry Kylies thoughts slowly drifted back to the Atlas as the king read out her entry.

The End

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