An Empty Clearing

His belly growled reminding him that he hadn't ate yet so he made a quick stop at home. Hiding the rod in his pocket he entered smelling some fresh stew on the table. He went over and slurped down the stew as quick as possible. With the excuse of wanting to attempt some night hunting, he left the house and returned to the road. He searched for his secret trail using the light of the rod to spot it. After entering into the woods at a few wrong locations, he found the entrance.

He began to jog. Thirty-five, thirty, twenty-five, twenty, fifteen, ten, five. He stopped and looked up. One. The boulder stood in front of him twinkling in the moon light pulsing in unison with the rod. Vein like lines encased the rock swirling in patterns and circling familiar markings. James held the rod up beside the marks and compared them. He found matches to the side symbols but none to the one on both ends of the rod. He followed the veins around the back of the boulder to find they all connecting together at head height to surround a small final mark outlined in a small square.

James raised the rod up and brought it closer to the outline. The boulder began to attract the rod like a magnet and James decided to let go. As the rod connected it began to merge into rock until it was no more. The veins on the boulder and began increase in thickness and in a few moments the rock was envelop. The boulder became a giant glowing mass pulsing like the heart of a great beast. The ground to the left of the boulder glowed and broke apart as a large piece of stone attached itself to the left side of the boulder. James ducked as more stones came from the woods behind him whizzing by to connecting together to make a slimmer arm on the boulders right side. A sudden intense heat and brightness forced James to cover his eyes and back away. 

As quickly as it started it ended and the pulsing slowly faded away. James removed his hand from his face attempting to see what was happening now. Unfortunately the light had burned an image into his sight and he sat down until they disappeared. Once the image left he saw the boulder again.

The grass around the stone was burnt and the boulder itself had not changed much. The only change was a small circular area around where the rod was place which had turned pitch black. But now attached to it was two arms both attached a few feet above the black spot and reaching to the ground. The left arm was massive with a hand large enough to hold him around the waist. When he stood beside it the arm was both wider and longer than him. The right arm was the extreme opposite being as wide around as his arm and almost looking like the arm of a skeleton.

James waited expectantly for something else to happen. But boulder stood like a sentry at post. Disappointed, James began to exam the small black area left by the rod. Looking closer he noticed that the area was not actually black, but instead was transparent with a black substance on the inside. James reached out and touched the area and suddenly it lit up. James removed his hand as the eye moved around the front side of its new body frantically as if panicked.

A low roar like the sound of a swarm of bees emitted from the rock as it began to move. It struggled attempting to pull itself free of the ground. The large arm rose up and James jumped aside as it came down inched from where he stood moments before. Using the large arm the thing pulled itself out of the ground revealing its underside. Two stubs the size of stumps were attached there squirming as it tried to rise from where it fell. It raised itself up and staggered off through the forest leaving James alone in the now empty clearing.

The End

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