A Diamond in the Rough

For the next four hours they went through their average chores. Feeding the animals, brushing down the horses, pulling weeds out of the fields. James was chopping wood when his mother called them in for dinner. James looked at Victor expectantly. "Alright, alright, you can stop now. Just make sure you finish those last few." James quickly chopped the last logs in the small pile and stacked them.

He came up to the back door and took off his good leather boots. The door swung open as he undid the laces. James looked up to find his mother looking him over. She smiled at him. "And how's my boy doing today?" James got up with his boots in his hands and shrugged. "Pretty good I guess." He began to squeeze by her in the door when she put her arm out. "Hold on for a second." She smelled him. "By the gods!" She waved her hand in front of her face. "You smell like you've been rolling with the pigs. Go clean yourself don't come back until you smell reasonable." She prodded him out of the door and closed it shut.

James grinned. Well, she still hasn't changed. Her name was Juna and for as long as he could remember she was always was hard headed and stubborn. He looked at the suns position.

It was almost sunset. If he wanted to make it back before nightfall he'd have to hurry.He put on his boots and cross the road into the woods on the other side. Since the road went parallel with the river he knew if he continued straight, he would walk into it eventually. Soon enough the trees parted away leaving him onto the short rocky shore of the river. The sound of rushing water filled his ears as he picked a spot to bathe. He chose a spot where the river was deeper but only about thirty feet wide. He hung up his clothe on a nearby tree branch and jumped into the frigid water. The cold water sent chills up his spine as he washed himself.

He looked down at the water and caught sight of his reflection. His tall skinny body was etched with muscle from labor at the farm while his short black hair lay flat to his head from being soaked in water. After he decided that he had scrubbed most of the dirt out, he got out and went to grab his clothe.

As he reached for his shirt something sparkle out of the corner of his eye. He turned to look at the river and saw the sparkle again coming from the bottom on the other side. Now what do we have here? James crossed, curious to see what he had uncovered. He reached in and grabbed what he thought was the reflective object sifting through the debris at the bottom. He pulled out his hand and opened it to find another piece of the strange dark grey sparkling rock. 

The rock was rod like in shape and just small enough to fit in his hand.He raised it above his head into the light of the sunset and spotted six markings etched into the stone. One marking covered each side placed at their center. Not knowing what the rod was, he got out and sat down to properly examine it. He rolled it around in his hands feeling the edges and stopped to inspect the different markings. The two markings on the end were the same while the other four differed completely. They were made of some type of writing that was based around short sharp lines crossing each other’s path.

Suddenly the rod glowed for a moment giving off a light hum and went dim. James dropped the rod out of surprise and realize how late it was now. During his study of the rod the sun had finally set leaving him in the dark of night. I better get home now or they will start to wonder what happened to me. Still intrigued by the object he got down on his knees and began to search for the odd shaped piece. It pulsed again and he grabbed it before he lost sight of it. 

He slowly got up and searched for the branch holding his clothes running head first into it. He hurriedly dressed made sure he did not forget anything. He decided to keep the rod in his hand as he departed from the river.

The End

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