The Hike Home

It normally took two hours or so to get to the Boulder if he walk. James looked up again to check where the sun was. He didn't want to be late so he decided the run the trail.

James reached road making sure he didn't break any of the underbrush so the path wasn't obvious and continued on down the road. By the time he reached the last curve in the road he was out of breath. He sat there for a moment to give his body a rest before he went in to do his chores. James came around the curve and the barn was the first building to come into view. Its thatch roof and oak walls was identical to the materials used for the house. The windows were open and smoke came from their large chimney.

Halfway down the road to the house James froze. At the front of the house two horses draped in Green and Black lines waited for their masters. These were soldiers of the King of Derim himself. James ducked in behind the underbrush and peeked over towards the house. How could they already be here? In the doorway were two armed soldiers and a man in a robe with the hood up discussing something with his father. 

His father Victor Resk was a short compact man and was dressed in his well used brown cotton shirt and pants. He was built like a bull and if rubbed the wrong way could have the temper of one as well. Even with these traits James found he took good care of him. From the look of things his father was furious giving him a good guess at what they were discussing.

He crept further into the woods and picked an oak tree to sit by and wait. Within a few minutes the sound of horses clopping down the road came. He counted to sixty and came out, running towards the house. He opened the door and walked in. The house was small but cozy with a main floor and a small upper floor which held his room. The main floor consisted of a large bed, a wash basin and a fire place. Many ornaments hung on the wall including a small shelf containing the few books they owned. It felt good to be home.

His father sat in the large cushioned chair beside the fire rubbing his forehead clearly stressed. "What was that?" Said James.

His father looked up masking his emotions. "Oh nothing, don't worrying about it. It's just those damn recruiters. You're lucky they're only taking volunteers so far."

James looked around and noticed something missing. "Where's mum?"

Victor got up. "She's off at the market in town. If we finish early we'll have some time to relax before dinner. Lets get this over with already." 

The End

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