You invite Brenda for lunch. Sure she's overweight, but you do feel an attraction for her. Maybe it will help you forget about King for the Day.

But then again, you always invite Brenda.

You both walk over to the local cafe, and you tell her all about the King For A Day fiasco.

"Be Careful, dude, there's a bunch of real sickos out there, you really gotta watch your--," She hesitates, "what did you say that address was?"

"1275 Main, why?"

"John, I'm pretty sure thats the Smith building, 1275 Main, yeah its the Smith Building."

"Remind me again, what's the Smith Building?"

"Come on, John, you really gotta get out more. The Smith Building, as in the Smith Conglomerate. Good Lord, man, we even have an account with them. It's the building with all the embassies and stuff."

You nod acknowledgingly.

"But," she continues, "I don't get why they gave you an address, that building's in the financial district, a high rise, you know? But, I mean, why wouldn't they at least give you a suite number or something? Forget it John, you know its a stupid prank or something."


The End

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