You curse greedy online companies itching to sell your information to any crackpot with a credit card and plan a letter to your congressman.

The nerve of this crackpot company!

You boot up your computer and try to forget about how annoyed you feel. Your email program seems a little slower than usual. 

Finally an email arrives. Then another. Then dozens more, hundreds more, thousands more.

Subject: King for a Day

Message: Visit 1275 Main Street today!

Your screen scrolls endlessly as thousands of this same message continue to arrive. Finally your email program flickers and an error mesage appears. it just crashed.

You take a deep breath and look at the flowers. Could this really be happening? Your office phone rings. It's Craig, the IT guy.

"Dude, were you surfing porn or something?" he asks in his nasal voice.

"No. Of course not."

"You got 475 thousand emails from this King for a Day company. You got ebombed. We're going to have to shut your account down today and do maintenance."

You can't think of anything to say so you just hang up. You spend the rest of the morning filing. Finally it's lunch time.

The End

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