Meanwhile, outside

A man walks his dog down the street towards our hero, seemingly not noticing him at first. Maybe he actually had ended up inside. But then the dog started to bark, and it's owner suddenly made out the quivering bulge laying on the pavement ahead. He ran forwards, being propelled faster by his canine compadre, and then rolled to a halt in disgust as he saw the pipe laying beside the open hand of the fallen man. What he mistook for convulsions seemed more like waves of pleasure now. The animal.

He seemed to be muttering something under his breath, and he hushed his growling dog to listen.
"..I'm Rick James, b*tch.."


The man pulled the dog, which had just finished urinating on the junkie, away and headed off the way he had come, but not before relieving him of his new found stash.

The End

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