You give in and take a trip down Main Street before heading in to the office. What the hell.

You stuff the letter into your pocket and googlemap the address.

After a brisk walk you arrive in front of a plain brick building with a purple door.  There is no sign and not even a number on the door, but you assume this must be it.  You open the door and walk in.

You are standing in a white room with a small white desk in the corner.  A women in her early 50s is sitting behind it sporting a Madonnna-like headset.  She has an unruly head of curly red hair and bright green glasses covered in silver crystals.  She appears to be wearing some sort of purple lycra unitard.

"Excuse me," you say, suddenly a little hesitant and feeling you may be the centre of some sort of joke.  "I..uh..I got this letter in the mail this morning..." you say, rooting around your pocket.

"Are you..." She looks at you excited.  "Why yes, it must be you. Well, we've all been waiting, I must tell you that..." she says standing up and fumbling with papers.  Her hair flies around wildly and she isn't even really looking at you.  "Please, please just wait here a moment.  I'll go get Doug.  He's going to be so excited to meet you..oh, please, help yourself to some macaroons..."

The woman quickly leaves through a small white door behind her desk.  She has to crouch down just to get through it.

You look at the bowl of macaroons sitting on her chaotic desk...

The End

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