You check your answering machine, wondering who would be calling you first thing in the morning.

The blinking answering machine light taunts you as you put away your dog's leash and toss him a treat. Dropping his squeaky toy, the dog swallows the treat whole, without chewing — damn that dog and his bad eating habits. You know it's going to end up back on your carpet this afternoon if his track record is any indication.

You stroll over and press the playback button your machine. It comes to life with a crackle and hiss, reading out a local phone number and the time the message was recorded — just over ten minutes ago. Then the message starts playing, stating your name quickly, then following up with:

You've been randomly selected to be KING FOR A DAY! Please visit our offices at 1275 Main Street before 6pm today if you want to claim your prize and quote the reference number KFAD555.

The answering machine beeps as your scribble down the address and reference number from the message. Looks like these guys are pretty persistent. Maybe it's worth checking out after all?

The End

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