You figure you’ll swing by the address on the coupon on your way to work. No harm in checking it out.

You leap through your door for no real reason, crouching into a ball and rolling to a stop in front of your mountain bike. Well, it's actually a bike you stole, but it's yours now!

You head through town past the old grocery store you burned down last year and past a burnt out car you stole a few weeks ago. Cheerfully you remember the time you caved in that drug dealers head with a crowbar in order to steal his stash. In general life as a career criminal is great, with absolutely no drawbacks. This thought process may be the result of the crack pipe you enjoyed before leaving the house.

You turn up at the address on the letter, an annonymous brick building, a simple hand painted sign on the door reading; "please enter to collect your crown". For some reason you were expecting more.

The End

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