Run for it! He isn't at you table yet, right?

"Sorry Brenda, gotta run!" you yell as you dash away as fast as you can.

What the hell is happening? How did they even find you?

As you ask yourself these questions, you scratch the back of your neck idly when you feel a lump just under you collar. Alarmed, you unfold your collar only to find a small device with a slowly pulsing red light and a small note attached. You read the note.

Congratulations! By finding this tracking device you've qualified to become KING FOR A DAY Please redeem this voucher at 1275 main Street and look out for more exciting offers!

Okay, this is harassment. They've hounded over email, letters and they've even been tracking you. This can't be legal. As you begin to run out of breath from all the running you come across a park. Children are playing in the playground there and their parents are sat watching. Sweaty and exhausted you collapse onto a bench next to a mother with a pram and pull out your phone, time to call the lawyers.

The End

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