"Hey there buddy, we're the welcome wagon. You're King for a Day! Congrats!"

"The what-huh wagon?" you ask, head still spinning somewhat. Is the Star Man sparkling?

"Welcome wagon," Stick Man says. "It's an expression."

"'ere's no real wagon," Star Man whispers, helping you back to your feet.


Stick Man bends to pick up the coupon, inspecting the photo on the front. You see him squint from the slat in his pyjama mask before he looks up at you, eyes still narrow and brows furrowed.

"You sure this is the guy?" he asks Star Man.

"Course 'e is!" he replies. "'e's got th' coupon, 'e made it t' th' door. 'e's our guy fersuure!"

"Whatever," Stick Man says. "Let's bring him to the boss man for his crown, eh?"

"Is it... gold?" you stutter.

"Mhm," Star Man says.

"With... j-j-jewels?"

"Right-o," from Stick Man.

"Expensive ones?"

Stick Man squints again, eyes suspicious. "Yes, but you do have to return it. You're only king for a day, 'aight?"

"Right, right," you say, distracted.

The pair of pyjama-clad men lead you into the building, Stick Man walking ahead and Star Man behind you. The hallway is dark and sparsely decorated, only a few antiquated looking paintings in elaborate frames decorating the walls. You can see that the wallpaper, equally old as the paintings, apparently, though grandiose in pattern is starting to peel.

These details don't linger long on your mind, though, as it is set on other thought.

This crown will make for quite the heist.

The End

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